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The New Black Degradation & the Need for Salvation, Not Socialism

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Published on: February 15, 2016

White people are in major decline in America, unwilling or unable to defend their once-great country, as exemplified by Beyoncé’s disgraceful Super Bowl performance.

In his final year, Obama will inflict much damage on America. He licked his chops at the death of Justice Scalia, prepared to nominate another liberal justice. Loretta Lynch is suing the city of Ferguson based on a bogus DOJ “report.” The radicals want finish to off whites, Christians and men.

Al Sharpton is on his way out – and greater evil and deception is on its way in. “Reverend” Sharpton represents a time when blacks pretended to be Christians, disapproved of homosexuality and imitated masculinity. Bernie Sanders hugged up to Al Sharpton, pimp of the old black vote. Bernie also bowed down to Black Lives Matter, a hate movement the DNC officially supports.

The “Black Lives Matter” slogan offensively suggests whites and police officers don’t value life. Blacks “abort” their babies at three times the rate whites kill their unborn. Blacks commit murder at six times the rate whites do. The murder rate in Mexico more than quadruples America’s. But blacks vote for amnesty-supporters who allow in bottom-of-the-barrel Mexicans committing hate crimes on blacks, intimidating black communities. Black cop killers are a much bigger threat to police than police are to blacks (who routinely disobey police orders, run from cops, resist arrest and fight with officers).

But Bernie (and Hillary) propagate the popular lie that “structural racism,” “police violence” and a “broken criminal justice system” are a big problem for blacks and Hispanics. Rather, the primary cause of “poverty,” poor education and trouble with the law is an atmosphere of out-of-control black and Hispanic violent anger, coming from black and Hispanic “families” that were broken before they started.

A new crop of deceiving black leaders has arisen to stir hatred and jealousy. They have blind, brainwashed whites eating out of their hand. These blacks are more refined, effeminate and deceptive than the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons. I have written how black elitists earnestly destroy the souls of their own children. This black “Talented Tenth” hide behind white validation for their research proving “racism” exists. These puffed-up blacks have learned to value “knowledge” and “education,” but they lack love – love that disciplines and rebuilds broken people.

John Lewis endorsed Hillary for president, but the young are not buying into her.

Black intellectual Michelle Alexander, whom I once interviewed, author of “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” (now required reading at far-left Brown University), says Hillary Clinton does not “deserve” blacks’ votes. Hillary and Bill were too tough on welfare and black crime for Michelle Alexander.

In the ’90s, Hillary called black killers “super-predators,” with “no conscience, no empathy” – a fitting description of young black dead souls. Journalist Colin Flaherty gathers mountains of evidence exposing rampant black mob violence and merciless black brutality against vulnerable whites and other innocent victims. Michelle Alexander is more concerned about Hillary’s “racially coded rhetoric to cast black children as animals,” than to ask why so many black youth act like animals. Michelle Alexander obscures the reality that black moral degradation and anger from their mothers has left blacks witless, worthless, trifling, criminal and ripe for punishment. For want of real authority (fathers) in the home, black misbehavior attracts much-needed outside authority.

Blacks suffer and lose because of their darkened understanding. Jesus said that “whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.”

Reparations writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, son of a Black Panther, as an atheist passed the delusion of black identity to his young son. Whatever wrongs Ta-Nehisi knows about, no outside solution, no money, no education will help blacks overcome their passions nor life’s challenges. Ta-Nehisi enjoys prominence in liberal academic and journalistic circles, and a young son who’s on his side. Yet no peaceful, happy, real man would be “thrilled” as Ta-Nehisi is at the idea of a far-left socialist President Bernie Sanders. Blacks need repentance, not reparations – salvation, not socialism.

The young of all races have been primed for godless socialism. They scorn phony politician Hillary Clinton and embrace Bernie. His deceptive socialist gospel is consistent with their schooling. It’s no longer enough merely to elect corrupt politicians. With Obama in ’08 and ’12, and Bernie for ’16, the youth are ready to elect America-hating socialists to overturn the American way of life and liberty.

Donald Trump is the best answer to the mindless onslaught coming from black and liberal young people. They do not know what to do with a confident, unflinching, free man, except name-call, try to marginalize him and fail. He is the one man who has made clear he will not put up with Black Lives Matter’s mess. Donald Trump’s masculinity and authority represents what has been lost in Americans, and what just may be awakened in them again.
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Article reposted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of Sons of Liberty Media.

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