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The Normalization of Deviant Behavior

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Published on: March 17, 2015

While stories about Planet Fitness continue to be written regarding the recent expulsion of one of its female members over a man who claims to be a “transgender woman” using the women’s locker room, the media is leaving out the most important detail. As is the case with every progressive policy that comes down the pike, it’s never about acceptance, it’s about how there’s something wrong with you for not completely embracing deviant behavior. Here’s how the story was reported by WNEM TV-5:

Certainly you noticed how the reporter fe

lt the need to continually apologize to the viewers.

Regardless of the fact that every person they spoke to on camera was in agreement with Yvette Cormier, the reporting was filled with an overwhelming desire to not offend.

When did we reach a point in our society where “choosing” your gender has become an acceptable option? Due to the “judgment-free zone” policy of Planet Fitness, Cormier had her membership revoked for letting fellow members know what had transpired, and how it made her feel. Apparently the organization believes that judgment is only a one-way street. Judgment free to a progressive means complete submission to their every demand. If you have the audacity to hold on to traditional values, well, then you are the one with the problem.

I am among the many Americans who believe that this unyielding perversion of liberal views is also tied to the assault against those of us who still “cling to guns and religion.” In today’s society, having traditional views on marriage makes you anti-sodomy. There is no middle ground; the debate is over according to the left. We are witnessing a form of bullying that is unprecedented in the history of our nation. A new crop of progressives who heap public shame on any American citizen not willing to alter their personal beliefs in order to accept a new set of societal norms.

In the Planet Fitness situation, the harsh reality revolved around the fact that a man was using the women’s locker room. In saner times, there would have been an arrest made in this case. Those times are now behind us.

Today, we look at how a naked woman should have been perfectly okay with a man entering the locker room. Why? Because the man made a decision that he was really a woman, and therefore everyone else should simply embrace that decision. In fact, not only embrace it, but celebrate it as a mark of bravery. Perhaps nothing is more dangerous to our society today than the normalization of deviant behavior.

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