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The Obama Administration in Tough Spot on Immigration after Judge’s Ruling

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Published on: August 23, 2015

Many conservatives feel as though the administration would allow any and all people into this country.  They have taken the side of illegal advocates on almost every issue.  Under Obama, we have seen a growing number of catch-and-release incidents.  Many times, these releases are leading to further acts of crimes committed by these illegals.  But, now, it has been ruled that the administration is not releasing mother and child fast enough.

The Washington Times reports:

The Obama administration must begin releasing illegal immigrants mothers and children by October, a federal judge ordered late Friday in a ruling that punctures the last remaining get-tough part of President Obama’s immigration policy and, the administration believes, sets the stage for a new surge of illegal immigration.

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This means that the judge thinks that Border Patrol and DHS are not releasing these illegals fast enough.  She wishes to see them processed faster and set out onto Americans streets.  The fact that they are here should point to detention.  And, for once, the Administration is correct in its assessment of this ruling.  This will cause an increase in people seeking to enter the country illegally.  The judge rejected this.

The Times continued:

Judge Dolly M. Gee, in a sweeping order, called that warning “fear-mongering” and rejected a last-ditch effort by the administration to try to force a rehearing of her decision. In the process she delivered a monumental victory to immigrant-rights activists, who for a year have been trying to get Mr. Obama to stop family detention.

Now, we must understand that, while this is a victory for these people and their activist groups, this is a defeat for the American people.  Most of these “families” will do nothing more than siphon more and more resources from an already drained system and will take jobs from those who have sought to come here legally.

There is one thing that I do think the judge got correct: we should always ensure that the person should be treated as a person.  We should not be subjecting Illegals or any criminals to inhumane conditions.

The Times reports:

The judge found the Border Patrol maintained “deplorable conditions” at some of its holding facilities, and said the administration botched its own legal case by never presenting any evidence to the contrary.

“It is too late for a second bite at the apple,” she wrote.

And this puts the administration in a tough spot because they have to choose between appealing and letting this go.  If they appeal, it is likely to anger the support from the left; but, if they let this go, they will surely have to face another surge in illegals with children.  Neither is a welcomed outcome.


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