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The Only Thing That Really Matters on Benghazi

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Published on: October 24, 2015

This week, we all witnessed the spectacle that is Hillary Clinton. The front runner for the nomination on the left smirked, laughed, and even blamed the GOP for her failures throughout the duration of the hearing. While the liberal media is fully onboard with a preordained strategy aimed at propping up their candidate, there was really only one thing that truly mattered here. At one point in the proceedings, the former Secretary of State claimed that she “has lost more sleep over this than all the people in the room combined.” The problem with her statement is that some of those in attendance were surviving family members of the 4 Americans who died that fateful evening! I’m pretty sure that they have all lost a great deal of sleep over their loss.

To understand just how pathetic our modern state of journalism has become, we need look no further than how CNN handled this. After airing interviews with 2 surviving family members, the disgraced network ran the headline “Marathon Benghazi Hearing Leaves Hillary Clinton Largely Unscathed.” How’s that for some truly unbiased journalism? Earlier in the week, CNN’s Carol Costello sat down with the mother of Sean Smith. During the interview, Patricia Smith dropped a bombshell that seemed to surprise even the host. Watch the exchange below.

How can the left possibly talk about being “unscathed,” when Patricia Smith can’t even get answers to her very simple questions? And then there was the interview with the sister of Glen Doherty joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Kate Quigley recalled a meeting with Hillary Clinton where the former first lady told her that she should “feel for the Libyan people because they are uneducated, and that breeds fear, which breeds violence and leads to a protest.” Even Cooper called that an “unusual” comment to make with the family members still grieving. Way to go out on a limb there Anderson! The fact that CNN would air these interviews just prior to Clinton’s testimony was somewhat surprising; the fact that they made no mention of them following the testimony was not.

While every American deserves to know the truth of what happened that fateful night, there is one fact that should not be in dispute. The family members deserve the truth! President Barack Obama was quick to point out during the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap that we don’t leave Americans behind. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality here. With this administration, only a Muslim deserter seems to meet the requirements. Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Chris Stevens, and Tyrone Woods were indeed left behind, ultimately sacrificing their lives. I can personally live with the fact that mistakes were made, but this administration owes an honest accounting to the family, first and foremost! At the end of the day, this is the only thing that really matters on Benghazi.

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