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The Pam Bondi Payback: The Continued Corruption of Florida State Attorney Amira Fox

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Published on: May 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: As many know, I have been covering the corruption in Lee County, Florida for a number of months.  In that time, I have also discovered several like-minded people in the area who have also been citizens who have documented the corruption taking place on a number of levels.  One such person is Linda Sue Malie.  Malie has not only gathered documents to expose the corruption of numerous people in the area, including Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and State Attorney Amira Fox, whose family is tied to Islamic terrorism.  I’ve opened up the platform to allow Ms. Malie to present her evidence, and perhaps one can see not only how these people are covering for one another, but also see exactly why the State of Florida’s attorney general’s office is silent when it comes to the felony actions of the current Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, as well as the silence concerning the injustices of its judges and attorneys in the Deanna Williams case. When you read this, just keep in mind that these are Republicans you are reading about, not Democrats.

Florida’s Attorney General Ethics Advocate Elizabeth Miller advised the Florida State Ethics Commission to clear Former Chief Assistant State Attorney Amira D. Fox of several well-documented ethics violations of campaigning during work hours while running for the office of South West Florida State Attorney. 

Miller did not fully investigate the overwhelming evidence presented in Complaint #18-148, which revealed adequate reason to conduct an investigation beyond probable cause.

Direct witnesses were provided to Ethics Commission Investigator Travis Wade by both complainant #18-148 and complaint #17-164.

However, not one witness was called by either investigator.

Despite failure to contact witnesses, notes in the Advocate Recommendation claim each complainant did not have first-hand knowledge of the events or whether the respondent attended them.

Fox turned in a list of requested Leave dates from January 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018.  However, the details of the times for each request were not listed on the report, such as all-day leave, half day or hours.

A detailed spreadsheet shows Fox’s scheduled political events during work hours and timesheet correlation of taking annual leave or sick leave “after” the political events were attended.

The spreadsheet documentation was not investigated while revealing approximately 60 violations of the law matched up from Fox’s own public records of calendars and timesheets.

Proof of political events attended also correlates with dates of Facebook event photos.

Yet, Miller twisted those facts to imply the complaint was about Fox actually posting the photos instead of matching the event and date facts.

Miller also noted in Order to Investigate – The Commission on Ethics does not have direct jurisdiction over Section 104.31 (2) – An employee of the state or any political subdivision may not participate in any political campaign for an elective office while on duty.

The Payback

It is illegal under the laws of Florida and of the United States to solicit or accept money from a charity for a political campaign.

However, without talking to the complainant or conducting a proper investigation, Assistant State Attorney Amira D. Fox fully cleared Pam Bondi of solicitation and acceptance of a $25,000 payment from the Trump Foundation.

Thereafter, Pam Bondi endorsed Amira Fox for State Attorney.

Pam Bondi strongly supported Ashley Moody as her successor.

Now, it appears we have an Attorney General Advocate (previous Bondi staffer) Elizabeth Miller dismissing Amira D. Fox’s alleged ethical violations without a proper and full investigation.

Ashley Moody owes the citizens of Florida an explanation.

On August 11, 2018, Fox was interviewed by and in her own words, admitted the following:

“Fox said that any time she campaigned, especially during office hours, she took annual leave and has even paid the state back for times she deemed she was campaigning while she was officially working.”

A Current Investigation is open with the Department of State, Division of Elections; review requested by FDLE; FDLE EI Number 73-8648, IRR 759, IRR 851.

Will the Department of State honor the law and conduct a proper investigation?

What is going on in South West Florida?

Andrew Gillum was given a $5,000.00 fine for Ethics Violations and State Attorney Amira D.Fox walks.

See the Complaints and supplemental evidence below.

Complaint #1, Supplemental #2

Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

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