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The Plan To Silence Doctors Once & For All

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Published on: August 2, 2020

Over the past week, we saw how a group of doctors experienced George Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth’s Memory Hole and attacks like we’ve not seen in quite a while.  From the scrubbing of their videos on social media to some of them being fired from their jobs for exposing the lies of media, politicians and the World Health Organization, they have met the lies with the truth.  However, there is a long term plan to silence doctors once and for all so that they no longer are a threat to those who stand to gain money and power from lying to the public.

Investigative journalist Spiro Skouras has the story.

Last week an organization of doctors called America’s Frontline Doctors went to Washington DC and gave a press release in front of the Supreme Court.

What this group of doctors said directly contradicted official positions of the World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control regarding the coronavirus and treatment of the infection as the new experimental vaccine could arrive before the end of the year.

Members of the doctors’ organization have been fired from their jobs, they have had their website removed and the viral video has been almost scrubbed from the internet.

It appears that censoring doctors who speak out against the medical establishment may only be a temporary solution. Just today, right on time, the World Economic Forum released a video called ‘When Your Doctor Is A Robot.’

Will doctors and nurses one day be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots? After all, robots don’t ask questions… They follow orders.

NOTE: This was pulled from YouTube within minutes, but it is still available on a platform that promotes free speech: BitChute

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