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The Public Character of our Public Characters

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Published on: July 5, 2015

You’ll recall that back in 2011, it was reported that former President Bill Clinton publicly recommended that, should the Congress not raise the debt ceiling, Barack Obama should just ignore the debt ceiling, citing the Fourteenth Amendment as his authority in doing so.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner also recommended this course of conduct to Obama. Clinton, who as you may recall was impeached by the House for his moral and legal improprieties while in office, took the position that Obama should continue to recklessly and illegally print and spend money, expecting that by the time the Courts or the Congress could mount a challenge, the money would already be spent.

Secretary Geithner, who you may remember as an admitted tax cheat, presumably speaks for the Obama Administration.

The promotion of this agenda by these men amounts to blatant lawlessness. Both men know, and Obama knows, that such a reading of the Fourteenth Amendment is not factual or reasonable, or legal.

To suggest publicly that the President defy the Constitution and continue unabated his reckless spending and promiscuous fiscal policies under the color of Fourteenth Amendment language, and in defiance of the will of Congress, shows their profound disregard for the rule of law and, I believe, is tantamount to treason.

With such men in control of the reins of government and with media accountability almost totally vanished away, our Republic is in grave danger.

Concerning the Constitution, John Adams once remarked that it was not intended for the governance of any but a moral and religious people.

A moral and religious people would never have elected nor allowed men like Clinton and Geithner and Obama to hold public office. The problem, John Adams might say, is not the Constitution itself, but the moral constitution of the American people. The public character of our public characters is an American disgrace.

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