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The Public School System Doesn’t Exist for the Students. It Exists for the Teachers’ Unions

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Published on: February 18, 2021

You can follow the bouncing ball of Biden’s shifting promises, reopen schools in 100 days, 1 day a week in 100 days, some elementary schools someday, and his administration’s manipulation of the CDC guidance which shifted dramatically from allowing schools to reopen, to putting as many barriers as possible in the way of reopening by adopting the talking points of teachers’ unions about ventilation systems.

The Democrats claim to care about black people. Keeping public schools closed disproportionately hurts black people. But so do most Democrat policies.

The public school system, a broken monstrosity that has sucked up infinite amounts of money (remember the time that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped $100 million into Newark schools hoping to fix them and the money vanished instantly like a rock falling into the ocean) and shaped the demographics of America, doesn’t exist for the benefit of students, but for the teachers’ unions.

The pandemic has made that abundantly clear.

And the job of the teachers’ unions is to make it possible for their employees to do as little as possible.

We’ve sat through generations of the same stories for generations about how public schools are underfunded, how teachers have to bring papers and pencils from home, and how if we just put another billion or two in, suddenly American students would actually know basic math and how to read. Whenever teachers’ unions went on strike, their media enablers and allies would tell us that it was because they cared so much about the students. When they opposed standardized testing, it wasn’t because they didn’t want to teach, but because they want to teach in a personalized way. Now they’re still playing the same game, but no one is buying it.

The teachers’ unions refuse to teach because they claim that it would endanger students. That’s a lie that is backed by neither science nor the facts.

But it doesn’t really matter.

The sprawling public school system, which parents pay ruinous property taxes to subsidize, exists to push leftist indoctrination directly to students and to maintain an organizing and donor base for the Democrats.

That base, the teachers’ unions, like not going into work. And will take every excuse to keep not going into work. The unions will only go back once they have wrung every drop of blood from the stone.

And the Democrats are not about to stand up to them.

Once again, Republicans were too slow to seize on an important wedge issue. But they’re now slowly making up for lost time. The problem is that the message is the wrong one. There’s never been a better time to dismantle the indoctrination and organization factory of the Democrat Party.

Especially now that it’s gone too far.

The media has long since switched from echoing the lies of the teachers’ unions (remote learning is as good as the real thing, schools are unsafe) to pushing back against the unions and their administrative allies in editorials and news stories.

The Los Angeles Times has a blunt warning for unions.

But at this point, the superintendent needs to put on his big-boy pants, reopen schools and demand that teachers return or risk their jobs. Union leaders in turn need to realize that not only are students done a tremendous disservice by the continued closures, but most parents vehemently want their kids back in the classroom. The union is jeopardizing its own popularity if it continues to put the needs of students and families last.

Popularity is the key point there.

The Democrats and their media allies are worried that the unions are overreaching themselves and that the blowback could damage the Democrats.

While the Democrats are still banging the drum about the Capitol riot, that’s an issue with little impact on the lives of most Americans. The siege of schools is. This is the moment when Republicans, as a party, need to champion school vouchers, to end the public school monopoly, and give parents the power to choose.

But the Republicans never seem to miss an opportunity to miss the bus. They better not miss this one.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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