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The Racism Illusion & Black Lives Matter Lies

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Published on: October 19, 2015

“My question for the candidates is, ‘Do black lives matter, or do all lives matter?'”

– Question posed by black student for Democratic Party debate

“Black lives matter.”

– Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ answer to the question

How pathetic that Bernie Sanders gave the answer that he did, and that no candidate on the stage in Las Vegas last week had the moral courage to state without qualification what should be obvious – that all lives matter. Their lack of courage had the unfortunate effect of validating a racist movement on par with the KKK.

The Democrat candidates are afraid that if they are honest about Black Lives Matter, they will be attacked, and black people will not vote for them.

People often speak of blacks as being slaves on the Democrat plantation. Yet, because the Democratic Party needs 90-plus percent of the black vote to survive, the party and its candidates are also slaves to the black electorate! What a sick, co-dependent relationship.

A Democrat candidate must be wary not to offend those black voters who believe that only black lives matter. Yet that candidate must also be careful not to antagonize white voters who believe that all lives matter. So what to do? Hillary solved the dilemma by not answering at all at the debate. And liberal CNN moderator Anderson Cooper helped by not asking her the question.

Black Lives Matter promotes hate, blame and victimhood. The movement seeks to give black people the impression that white people and cops are conducting a killing spree against them. The goal is to create mistrust, hatred and division among the American people.

Democrat politicians feed on this division to win elections. The Black Lives Matter movement is merely this election cycle’s Occupy Wall Street, which was used before the 2012 election to create the sense of division necessary to re-elect Obama.

This group is using the fact that it is black-led to get away with things that would never be tolerated of white hate groups.

“Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

– Black Lives Matter chant celebrating and encouraging the deaths of police officers

But because we have a racist president, cowardly white politicians, and dishonest, liberal media, this black hate group is not dealt with in the same manner as white hate groups are.

At his recent “Justice or Else!” rally in Washington, D.C., Louis Farrakhan called these troublemakers the next civil rights leaders, and he compared them to Dr. Martin Luther King! We all know that Dr. King was about uniting the races with truth instead of dividing them with lies. He was about loving your brother and sister, not hating them. Dr. King rejected racism and certainly would have rejected all of the racist madness we see today.

If we don’t sober up quickly and deal with Black Lives Matter the way we deal with skinheads or the KKK, America will have a race war on its hands.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a distraction from the failure of the Obama presidency to help black Americans succeed. To the contrary, he’s crippling black Americans to consolidate power. One in four blacks is unemployed, more and more are on welfare, black-on-black crime is out of control, and the proof the Black Lives Matter movement is a scam and Obama a fraud is the continuing murder of millions of black unborn children with their approval.

But the ultimate proof the movement is a lie is that the whole idea of racism itself is a lie. Racism is an illusion. There is really no such thing as racism.

I know that may sound like a radical notion, but think about it. I’ve interviewed thousands of people, including a number of hard-core “racists.” Yet I’ve never met one who said they hate a person just because of their color. People hate because they’ve made some type of judgment of another person. They’ve made a decision based on a thought or feeling instead of simply seeing the truth. Color is an excuse – a way to prevent us from seeing cause and effect. We must look at cause.

The problem in America is not racism at all. The real battle is between good and evil. There are good and bad people of every race. If we don’t deal with the foundation of what is wrong – the spiritual aspect – we will never clean up this mess.

Liberals will always use racism to intimidate white people. But people of good must come together and fight people of evil.

And I say to America’s preachers – especially black preachers – you should know better. It’s your responsibility to remind people that our battle is not a physical battle.

It’s critical that decent Americans finally come together in truth. Lies have ripped us apart for far too long. Our future as one nation depends upon it.

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