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The Selfishness of the Spineless Generation

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Published on: May 11, 2015

There are two kinds of selfish people in America: The Democrats and the Republicans. Now let’s not assume that those two parties only consist of those that vote that way on a ticket. Those are two very different ideologies. If I was a non-biased judge and my task was to decide which one of the two parties were better, not when it comes to ideology, but graded on things like consistency, ability to deliver their message, and uniformity, I would determine that the Democrats have won by a long shot.

The Democrats are strongly united in their selfishness. They have no problem stepping into the public arena and the voting booth with their hand out. More, more, more, they ask for. They are up to 99 weeks of unemployment. That’s a great way to incentivize people to get back to work, not.

We are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt and they say, “Corporate America needs to pay their fair share.” The top 1% pay more than 40% of the nation’s bills.

Then there are the cries, “We need affordable health care” so those that can’t afford health care can be forced to pay for health care that they can’t afford.” Obviously the stupidity runs rampant among the Democratic Party, but I am actually more interested in throwing the other guys under the bus today.

The Republicans. Ah, yes, a sad little excuse for Americans they are. They watch the world happening around them on their television news and won’t get out of their $1500 Lazy-Person recliner to do anything about it. Instead, they reach to spread open the blinds to confirm those evil Liberals haven’t found their way onto their perfectly manicured lawns yet. These are the people that sit around a campfire with others just like them and complain about the erosion of The Constitution. The hiss of another beer can opening can be heard followed by, “When they come for my guns I’ll give them the ammo first!”

However, when faced with real opportunities to speak out or speak up, these folks are the most spineless, selfish, idiots of them all. See, it has not really affected them yet. They stay in their own little world and give little thought to the consequence of what is happening. How close is close enough for these people to wake up?

In the meantime, the whining continues among them. The Republicans were too busy bickering about unessential details in 2012 while the Democrats had one candidate. There were 19 candidates on that ballot and a write in. Everyone on that ballot got a vote including Big Bird and Kim Jong-un! What is important to note here is that the largest majority of Democrats all voted for the one candidate they had.

In the case of the believers that associate themselves with the Republican Party, I say that there is no way to salvation except through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. There is one Word of God. Yet, somehow, the Protestants, Reformed, Lutheran, Baptists, Catholics, Evangelical, and so many more have all figured out how to screw that up. That’s proof that even if there was only one candidate on the next ballot, the Republicans would find a way to jack that up as well. No wonder our nation is in the condition that it is in. We have got to stop bickering and get back to the basics. There is one Constitution of The United States of America. There is one God.

I have recently been under attack from the homofascists for taking a public stance on traditional marriage and American values. My life and the lives of my loved ones have been threatened, we have been falsely accused, lied about, slandered, my business vandalized, and more. It has been a trying time, but the deepest cut of all came a couple of days ago.

I received a letter from a retired colonel of the U.S. Army. He drafted a very brief hand written note thanking me for standing firm in my beliefs and exercising my First Amendment Right. He said that he was sorry to see that my shop was vandalized and enclosed a check for $100. Now, put yourself in my shoes and follow along with me. This U.S. Army Colonel gave enough. He gave more than most of us do for this great Nation. He gave more than I have. Yet, he reaches into his pocket, and with little reservation, gives more. After spending a good amount of time weeping in embarrassment, my emotion turned to rage. I became infuriated thinking about the people this man fought for: People like flag burners; People like those of the LGBT and associated leftists that want to shred the Constitution and strip this Country of its morality; People of the Republican Party that have had their right preserved to stand up and speak out against tyranny, but are too selfish and lazy to do so.

We should all be embarrassed to stand on the same sovereign ground as men and women like this colonel. I, for one, will not be silenced and I will live every day to the best of my ability to stand proudly and in thanks of the liberties I still have thanks to those who have sacrificed so much. I will never be worthy of even one death of one soldier, but I will be damned if I am going to squander that loss with a superficial, self-centered, lazy, entitlement attitude.

God Bless that retired colonel and shame on us.

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