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The Significance Of America’s Fallen National Christmas Tree

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Published on: November 30, 2023

America’s National Christmas Tree fell down this week.  That tree is the most important national symbol of our most important national holiday.  The National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony has been performed every year since 1923, and so the falling of the tree has happened as we approach the centennial anniversary of this tradition.  Do you think that this was just a coincidence?  I certainly don’t.  I believe that the downing of the most important national symbol of our most important national holiday is significant.  On Tuesday, a very powerful gust of wind knocked the 40 foot tree completely to the ground

The National Christmas Tree near the White House was knocked over Tuesday when strong winds roared through the Washington area.

The National Park Service said the 40-foot tree from Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia fell over during a strong wind gust.

Interestingly, the tree had already been replaced in 2023, because the first one had “developed a fungus”

This year’s tree was already replaced once, after the tree originally planted for the ceremony developed a fungus, WUSA-TV reported. A wide variety of diseases target Christmas trees, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Once the National Christmas Tree came down, many immediately compared it to the Biden presidency.  Here is one example

“National Christmas tree falls DOWN,” the Republican House Committee on the Judiciary wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter. “Perfectly summing up Joe Biden’s presidency.”

Without a doubt, Joe Biden’s presidency has not gone well.

But the truth is that Joe Biden and all of the other corrupt politicians in Washington are a reflection of the country as a whole.

We are a fallen nation, and we are completely and utterly unprepared to handle the consequences of decades of very foolish decisions.

In our time, Americans are becoming increasingly emotionally unstable.  According to the CDC, the national suicide rate just hit the highest level in more than 80 years

The suicide rate among Americans, which has risen steadily over the past 18 years, has reached its highest point since 1941, preliminary data for 2022 shows.

The suicide rate per 100,000 people in 2022 was 14.3, according to a report from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention released early Wednesday. The rate was 15 in 1941.

The latest numbers also show that men are killing themselves at a far higher rate than women are…

The rate for males was 22.8 and 5.7 for females in 2021.

The number of suicides for males in 2022 was 2% higher than the 38,358 deaths in 2021. For females, the 2022 number rose 4% from 9,825 deaths in 2021.

Meanwhile, the worst drug addiction crisis in our history has resulted in yet another new record high for drug overdose deaths

Drug overdose deaths reached another record level in the United States this spring, new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows, as 2023 is on track to be another devastating year amid the drug epidemic.

More than 111,000 people died from a drug overdose in the 12-month period ending in April, according to the new estimates.

If our society is so great, why are “deaths of despair” off the charts?

Can anyone answer that question?

And if so many Americans cannot emotionally handle the way that things are now, what is going to happen during the chaotic years ahead?

In 2024 and beyond, there will be more political unrest, more wars, more pestilences, more economic troubles, more famine and more natural disasters.

In particular, one thing that I will be watching in the months ahead is the sun.  A cluster of very large sunspots has become extremely active, and scientists are warning that this group could potentially pose a danger for our planet

A cluster of sunspots has rolled into view of Earth and may send a solar storm our way as early as Saturday.

The cluster includes about a dozen sunspots that are around 125,000 miles wide— about 15 times bigger than our planet, reported.

The group is very active. It had already shot out three M-class and several C-class solar flares before it came into view, per

The article that I just quoted above was written before a “full halo CME” was unleashed on Wednesday

On Wednesday, SWPC said a fourth CME, known as a full halo CME, prompted forecasters to upgrade the G2 watch to a G3-level geomagnetic storm watch for Friday. Full halo CMEs send out solar material away from the Sun in all directions, appearing halo-like, and usually result in geomagnetic storms at Earth.

“This faster-moving halo CME is progged to merge with 2 of the 3 upstream CMEs, all arriving at Earth on Dec. 1,” according to SWPC.

I am entirely convinced that the behavior of the sun will eventually become a huge story.

We have already seen more activity during this solar cycle than we did during the last solar cycle, and this solar cycle is not expected to peak until next year at the earliest

Unfortunately, a new study reveals that this solar maximum is coming sooner than expected – most likely in early 2024.

The new forecast comes from an Indian team of researchers and contrasts with the latest forecast from NASA, which puts its arrival at late 2025.

If you think that the past few years have been chaotic, just wait until you see what is coming.

The things that will happen in 2024 and beyond are truly going to be wild.

And much of our population is completely and utterly unprepared to emotionally deal with the very challenging times that are approaching.

We are a fallen nation with a fallen population.

So was it just a coincidence that the most important national symbol of our most important national holiday just violently fell to the ground?

Of course not.

I believe that someone is trying to send us a message, but hardly anyone is listening…

Article posted with permission from Michael Snyder

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