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The Truth Behind Extortion 17

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Published on: July 4, 2018

I recently read the book “BETRAYED” by Billy Vaughn, father of Aaron Vaughn who was one of the Navy SEALs that died in Extortion 17. Wanting to know more about what had happened in this particular incident, this book gave me much-needed information that you simply were “not told” by the corrupt in our government.

What really happened?

First of all, keep in mind who these men were.  They were 17 Navy SEALs who were members of none other then SEAL Team 6, which was the team that “took Out Osama Bin Laden.”  After we were told about this victory, the former vice president under Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, completely violated our National Security laws by telling the world publicly who killed Osama Bin Laden.

Now, I personally believe that there are still a lot of questions about Osama Bin Laden’s death.  However, let’s just say that he was taken out of the way just the way we were told that he was. If you have the least bit of common sense, you will know that if he was killed by an elite force (the SEALs), you don’t tell the world who took him out! Now, knowing this, Joe Biden put a target on the SEALs’ backs. Do you not find it interesting that these are the men that died in Extortion 17?

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Did you know that shortly before the SEALs boarded the chopper, the 7 Afghans that were to accompany them on this mission we’re suddenly switched to different people? Before you board a United States Military chopper with the “Best of the Best” that we have, you must pass High-Security Detail. Why then would these men be switched just like that? Furthermore, why would the “enemy” be accompanying the SEALs on a mission?

I find it very disturbing that previously, one of the Navy SEALs, in so many words said, “One of these days, a suicide bomber is going to jump aboard and blow us all to #*%*…” Why would our government put these men at such risk? Even going deeper into this, did you know that every single mission that these men were apart of had to first be approved by the Afghan higher-ups? Yes, I said the “enemy” higher-ups knew about every mission that took place. Knowing this, do you think that there could be a slight possibility that they could inform the Taliban of the US’ missions? Of course!

Did you also know that for normal missions, the United States Military uses the highest tech chopper to transport these men to a landing zone.  Yet, for some strange reason that night, the 17 SEALs were put aboard a 1960s chopper which, as a SEAL exclaimed, “Everybody knows, every time you get on one of these choppers, you are at risk. It is like a train going through the air…” Adding to this point, SEALs are very expensive to train. Around $500,000 on average to train a single SEAL; which means that these 17 men were valued at more than $8,500,000 in your money just to train them. My point is that SEALs just don’t die!

Once again, I ask the question, why were our boys put at such risk?

What I find most disturbing about this incident is just this, did you know that before they boarded the chopper a landing zone was never confirmed? If this does not get you asking questions, I do not know what will.

Folks, let’s deal with the corrupt in government that is putting our best at such high risk and let’s give justice to the family members who lost their loved ones!

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