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The Unconstitutionality Of Dept. Of Education’s “Safely Reopening Schools During COVID”

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Published on: February 17, 2021

Federal hands, money, legislation and direction in education are a violation of the Tenth Amendment. Subsequently, all of the restrictions involving the hoax known as COVID-19 are also unconstitutional. However, that makes the reopening by the feds unconstitutional as well. Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor and I will be looking at the Department of Education’s handbook on this criminal behavior in this show.

Resources mentioned in this episode, along with additional resources on this subject.

Department of Education’s Safely Reopening Schools During COVID handbook:

In the above link, during the introduction, it refers to an Exec. Order from Pres. Biden
(14000, dated 1/21/21).
In the introduction, the CDC’s School Phase Plans are mentioned, too.
1) Our archived show (with my supporting articles) from July 2020 on the COVID tyranny in Education:
2) From July 2020, my article on the USMCA’s ties to COVID and how education for workforce, as well as family intrusion was on the uptick:
3) From August 2020, the look at the States and how their ED Depts were beginning to overreach into families/homes. How much more will these new ‘ideas from CDC/ED be taken?:
4a) From Sept. 2020, the restructure of education (especially using COVID as the excuse) and how
the SEL (social emotional learning) and mental health will continue to be abused (the CDC and COVID booklet from ED will embed this further):
4b) Also from Sept. 2020, my article on the school sleepovers the CDC wanted to use as a COVID
practice. Will these pop up again, now?
4c) Still from Sept 2020, the horrifying evidence of education and Operation Warp Speed:
5) From Dec. 2020, Pres. Trump’s Exec. Order on school vouchers and family funds for
education. (These are currently being to tied to COVID relief funds)
6) From Jan. 2021, the Biden/Trump transition plans and COVID in education:

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