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The US Engineered Famine From Unlawful COVID Lockdowns & Mandates May Lead To Widespread Hunger & Unrest This Winter

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Published on: November 1, 2021

The orchestrated supply line crisis is about to get worse with the upcoming NovemberStrike on the 8th through the 11th.  Nevertheless, several places in the US are seeing massive shortages, which will only worsen if things aren’t sorted out soon.

JD Heyes reports at Natural News:

(Natural News) As the nation’s supply chain crisis worsens, three things are becoming apparent: One, there doesn’t seem to be a solution around the corner; two, the nation’s food supply is now being affected; and three, the crisis appears to have been manufactured by the current regime in order to squeeze working-class Americans, the largest faction of those who voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2020.

“Parts of the US are now battling food shortages as worried Americans have emptied supermarket shelves amid the supply chain crisis threatening the nation’s economy and holiday shopping,” the New York Post noted this week in an incredibly eye-opening report that is as shocking as it is incredulous.

As the supply crisis has deepened, Americans have begun to do what they did at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic: They are panic-buying and hoarding goods and foods, making less available for the general market (meaning a lot of folks are going to go hungry very soon — which will make them extremely angry, frustrated and volatile).

“The surge in demand comes as two of America’s major container ports in California face a massive pandemic-related backlog,” The Post added.

Adnan Durrani, the CEO and founder of Saffron Road, a company that produces frozen and shelf-stable meals, told Bloomberg that not only are products disappearing, but prices are skyrocketing as well.

“People are hoarding,” he told Bloomberg. “What I think you’ll see over the next six months, all prices will go higher.”

He went on to say that his company has begun stocking up more inventory than usual, stacking up about four months’ worth of supply instead of the normal one or two months.

Meanwhile, Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted in Friday’s Situation Update that the situation for many Americans is about to go so far south they are going to have to begin to prepare for collapse conditions now, as well as an entirely different lifestyle:

The world we are about to be plunged into will be unrecognizable by today’s standards. Navigating it successfully will require radical changes in mindset, action and courage. You’ll also need to get good at growing your own food, which is why I’ve just posted this video explaining the technology called “suspended net pot non-circulating hydroponics” which is completely “grid down proof” because it uses no circulation pumps whatsoever. If the power grid fails, the plants don’t die.

“I never imagined that we’d be here in October 2021 talking about supply-chain problems, but it’s a reality,” Vivek Sankaran, chief executive officer of Albertsons Cos., who repeated the same complaints and observations of other food retailers, told Bloomberg. “Any given day, you’re going to have something missing in our stores, and it’s across categories.”

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Here’s the goof: There is plenty of food for all Americans. But as Adams notes in his podcast (watch below) getting it to market is the problem. And that problem isn’t getting solved by the Biden regime.

The food/supply chain crises are also beginning to negatively impact some public schools.

“We’ve been struggling with supply-chain issues with different items since school started,” said Theresa Hafner, the executive director of food services at Denver Public Schools. “It just continues to pop up. It’s like playing whack-a-mole.”

And in Chicago, Dill Pickle Food Co-Op ran out of some dry goods because its two principal suppliers have not been able to ship them full orders for weeks.

“Early in the pandemic, panic buying was the cause of many of the out-of-stock situations that grocers experienced,” general manager I’Talia McCarthy noted in an email to store owners this month. “Although the food industry was able to somewhat rebound, the sustained nature of the pandemic, combined with the slow pace of vaccination globally and the recent surge caused by the delta variant, have resurfaced the problem.”

This is all part of the orchestrated take down of the united States and we have traitors among us, and I’m not just referring to the politicians.

The Truck Driver Theologian Bill Evans joined me on The Sons of Liberty radio program to share what he is seeing across the country and to point to the issue with the ports.

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Human rights activist GSingh also joined me on The Sons of Liberty radio program to give insight into how these manufactured famines have been used in Asia and Africa and warns that if the countries of the world try and force another lockdown that they mean to starve the people.

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