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The Very Ones That Are Pretending To Fight For You Are, In Fact, Fleecing You – See For Yourselves (Video)

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Published on: November 20, 2021

“…and pass over judgment and the love of God.” -Luke 11:42

I can just hear someone say right of the start here that we “are not perfect, just forgiven” or that “we all fall short” or how about this one, “who am I to judge” when it comes to their favorite representatives that I am about to highlight (Romans 3:23).

In response, I would say twist not Scripture the way that Satan twisteth Scripture, and that I am only bringing forth the Judge’s Word.

Furthermore, I would add how ridiculous to overlook judgment because of kindness, then love wounds itself by killing justice.  Friends, justice is what we, as Americans, need for it guards our liberties (Isaiah 26:9).

How many times I have seen and warned of our said representatives overlooking judgment against the corrupt in turn doing massive fundraisers.

They put on a dog and pony show to merely appease the American people, and this for gain (Amos 5:7).

It is the job of our representatives to uphold the laws of our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, period.  That includes the corrupt in the system of our government (Jeremiah 5:28).

Bradlee’s brand new short video-The Very Ones That Are Pretending To Fight For You Are In Fact Fleecing You-See For Yourselves.

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