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The World Has Been Witnessing & Will Continue To Witness The Reincarnation Of How The Nazis Targeted The Disabled – Unless It Is Stopped (Videos)

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Published on: October 25, 2022

Over the past few years, we have seen how what masquerades as American government has targeted the elderly and the disabled.  We’ve witnessed a holocaust dwarfing anything that happened in Europe with the murder of the unborn in the US.  However, these things are not new.  They are some of the oldest sins in human history only devised with new means of committing them.  Consider just the targeting of the disabled during CONvid-1984.  Remember, the first victims of the CONvids, after the truth of course, were the elderly in nursing homes and many who were disabled.

In 2021, 19-year-old Grace Schara was targeted because she had Down Syndrome.  To gain some insight into Grace’s story, Scott Schara came on The Sons of Liberty radio with me.  In our first interview, he laid out what happened and had suspicions of premeditated murder.  He soon gathered enough documentation to know that the doctors and nurses in charge of caring for Grace were actually her executioners.  Later, he would join up with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.

Were Hospital Protocols Responsible For Murder Of This Man’s Teen Daughter?

Documents Indicate Premeditated Murder Of Teen Daughter With Down Syndrome By Wisconsin Hospital (Video)

From Nazi Germany To The World: The Fight Against The New Holocaust (Video)

Now, compare what Scott presented with what Vera presented and then consider the following two videos that deal with that targeting of the disabled in Nazi Germany.

Disability Awareness Month: Remembering the Nazis’ First Victims of Mass Murder

Hitler’s Extermination Program for the Disabled – Aktion T4

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