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The Worst President of All Time!

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Published on: August 6, 2022

With Communist China handing Joe Biden his head, we should expect no less from this president that has serious problems with all of his policies.  Biden stated that we do not have a recession, but if one asks those who have to get to work, buy food and pay rent, they will state they were much better off under President Trump. However the people should have known they were getting a puppet because that is all Biden is, and for the likes of George Soros and the “Liberal World Order”.  What did Joe Biden do on his first day of office?  Did he shut down our vast energy supplies? Remember, the US has more oil, natural gas, and coal than the entire world, but Biden hates it.  Is Biden helping our enemy, Communist China? Is Biden working to make Communist China the new world leader? Joe Biden has a lot to explain and we will show him for just who he is by exposing his deep-rooted background with Socialists/Communists and other Anti-United States groups. We will show that, and more, below. Joe Biden and his socialist Democrats have done so much to hurt the US that it is really surprising that it has happened this fast. We do have to remember that it was Obama who said he was going to transform the united States.  However, during his 8 years in office, he never got what he wanted due to some Republicans that held up some of his projects. Today, Biden seems to be doing what Obama had really wanted to do. Let us now show you what Biden has done.

Let us begin with Joe Biden’s inflation and what is now really a recession. We will start with the inflation rate in January of 2021.

The following inflation rates are listed as they jumped up.

January 2021, inauguration day – 1.4%,  March 21, 2021 – 2.6%,   July 2021 – 5.4%,

November 2021 – 6.8%, February 2022 – 7.9%,  March 2022 – 8.5%,

May 2022 – 8.6%,  June 2022 – 9.1%.

These rates do not show July because it went up and the numbers are being adjusted. Let us now look at the rise in gas costs to see the correlation to that. This will clearly show that inflation grew due to the reduction of our country’s oil supply.

The price of gasoline increased from January 20, 2021 when Biden took office to over $3.50 a gallon when Russia invaded Ukraine, to over $4.00 in March of this year.

You can see by the chart above that gas was on the rise from the day Biden took office until after Russia invaded Ukraine, which clearly shows that Russia had nothing at all to do with the rise in gas prices.  It was all on Biden and his attack upon our vast oil supplies. Our country has more oil than the entire world has on hand and yet, Biden refuses to allow for any of it to be used or drilled. If Biden would have allowed what Trump had begun, none of the inflation numbers would have ever gone that high.

Joe Biden has stated several times that he wants to end the oil industry. Just what would that look like? Consider these simple facts: We could not have glass because glass is made from sand and even recycling that uses vast amounts of natural gas. We could not have any sort of rubber because we have to refine it through the use of oil, coal, or natural gas. We could not build any sort of transportation since nearly every source of transportation uses some sort of metal for the frames and other parts. All that metal has to be refined and melted down into the steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and so on has to use oil, coal, and natural gas to be made into the products we use every day. Take a look around you and no matter what you see, it has to use some sort of fuel to be made. Plastic is derived from oil, no oil and we have no plastic for our pens, and so many other items we use on a daily basis.

On July 28, 2022, it was determined that our GDP was yet another negative number showing that we are in a recession as described just a week before.  However, Biden says we are not in a recession but rather we are in a transition. Just what is this transition? It is when the government decides to TRANSFORM into a “Green Energy” ideology no matter how painful it is to the people that voted for Democrats. Remember, this transformation is to stop a climate problem that is not real. Biden and his administration refuses to say we are in a recession because they do not want to admit that this “Green Energy” is driving everyone that is not rich into bankruptcy.

One has to wonder just why is it so very important to make the quick and very costly move to “Green Energy” now?  If we look back to what was stated by NASA recently, we are headed into a cooling period due to the sun cooling down. Think about this, if the people directing Biden know that the earth is getting ready for a cool down period, why not push very hard for all sorts of stupid ideas on climate change now and if they get just a few and the earth does cool down a bit, then they can lay claim that their forced ideology has caused that. Maybe that is why it has become so urgent now. But remember that this idea may not be true, but it would be likely be used if it is true. Democrats have done things of this nature before. They claimed that Jim Crow was a Republican idea when it actually was the Democrats.

If we go down the list of places that has oil that Biden does not want to obtain, we find that it can be easily extracted from Anwar where they have nothing but open spaces, and Wyoming, and all across our country. The geological services has stated that the US may have as much as 9 TRILLION barrels of oil yet to be extracted and so much more may not have even been found yet. Given the fact that in 2016 it was estimated that the world had some 2.1 TRILLION barrels of untapped oil, that is some 7 TRILLION barrels less than what the United States has that is known of at this time. That is more oil than could be used at today’s rate in the United States for at least 214 years. Knowing that we have that much time to figure out how to get energy when and if the oil runs out, gives us a long time to work on a different source of energy.

Joe Biden and his socialist friends seem to want to shut down all our vast energy resources that we have today for alternate energy that has yet to work properly. Biden wants to go to wind mills and solar but both of these sources depend heavily on oil, natural gas, and coal to produce. To make matters worse is the reality of what both of these “energy” sources do to our environment.  Solar takes up acres of area to generate any amount of electricity to use. Plus, it only works during the day. Wind mills are much worse since they kill a huge number of birds, including those that are protected species. All in all, both of these sources can never replace the generation of natural gas fired electric generators or any other sort of fuel to use to generate electricity. One natural gas fired 500-Megawatt electric generator takes up only about 8 acres of land, while to obtain the same amount of generation, it would take 100 5 mega watt windmills to do which would take 100 acres to produce. Solar panels would take miles of land to produce the same. It is much more economical to use natural gas for electricity.

To give an idea of how many years just in Texas our nation has just look at the statement below.

Although it shows a wide area, it has to be stated that Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming have approximately another 200 years of oil just sitting under the ground awaiting extraction! Given that fact, combined with what is in Texas and New Mexico, the US has, just in these 5 states, enough oil to run just the US for the next 400+ years. Now, one has to wonder why do people of all sections of the country have to suffer high gas prices when we has such vast supplies waiting to be used? To put it simply, just so Joe Biden can help his socialist friends get their “Green New Deal,” which is probably the worst idea of the century.

Yet, Biden wants to “FORCE” people to buy electric cars which is another very bad idea due to the many problems that will develop with electric cars. One of the largest problems with an electric car is the cost of battery replacement. It should be noted that batteries fail for a number of reasons. The biggest are continued use during hot and cold weather and electric cars just cannot travel as far as gasoline cars. At best, an electric car can travel close to 300 miles before it has to recharge and at that time, no one knows how many other people would be waiting to charge their cars. But to illustrate the replacement cast of these batteries we show the list below.

Chevy Volt, probably the cheapest battery to replace costs $3,000 to $8,000 to replace.

BMW $2,500 to $16,000 to replace.

Chevy Bolt $16,000 to $16,250,

Nissan Leaf $5,500 to $9,500

Hyundai $2, 853

Tesla Model 3 $15,799

Volkswagen e-Golf $22, 442

Remember, electric cars have to have charging stations across the nation for anyone to travel any distance and today many of these charging stations are inside cities. Some that are along certain highways have diesel generators to recharge the batteries so that is not helping with anything to do with climate change since they still use oil, diesel, coal, or natural gas to recharge the batteries.

Let us now show just a quick list of areas where Biden has totally failed.

The latest and most important of Biden’s failures come today when Communist China has threatened to go as far as shoot down US jets if they escort Pelosi to Taiwan. This shows that Communist China knows how weak Biden is and China is dictating to Biden what and where our nation’s officials can go. This is perhaps the most dangerous thing that has happened to the US so far under Joe Biden’s lack of leadership. But we can go back to Biden’s disaster of retreat in Afghanistan.

The US faces the largest Invasion of all time at our southern border, which is as open as it can possibly be without helping the illegal aliens into the country.  To make it much worse, Biden is sending these illegal aliens across the US into cities that have trouble with our citizens under this inflation/recession.  Biden does not care because it is his plan to destroy the US and he is getting that done fast. He has done more harm to us than any president has ever done.

Biden is facilitating the ruination of our children by allowing boys who think they are girls to go into the girls’ dressing rooms and places that a physical male should not be allowed. If the school does not approve of this action, they may be removed from the lunch program and as such, this is a style of dictatorship never before seen in our country for an idea that should never be forced upon children. Biden is fine with the idea of child castration and sterilization by openly supporting these actions to our children.

Of course, we must never forget that Biden allowed babies to go hungry when he allowed the shutdown of companies that produced baby foods and did nothing until babies were starving to change his actions. Biden saw it much more important to send baby food to people who broke our laws to illegally enter the country. Biden saw fit to make sure these people that did not come into the US legally to get baby food when our own citizens could not get any at all.

Joe Biden has also tapped into our oil reserves that are there for times of need, not times when a president decides to not allow oil to be tapped in the States. This action of and by itself makes our nation weaker and makes it difficult for our military to be ready for any sort of action. Biden sold a few million barrels of this oil to Communist China; our enemy and they are laughing at that knowing they got oil when they shouldn’t have. Just that action alone displays Joe Biden’s failure to uphold our nation’s security and in doing so, he may well have committed an act of treason by selling oil to our enemy who may use it against us sooner than later.

Our nation is now in a recession that is only going to get worse due to rising gas prices and fuel costs because of what Joe Biden and his Socialist administration has done and continues to do. Now, Joe Biden, with the help of a few Republicans, is going to raise your taxes, which is going to add to our nation’s problems.

We have to remember that Joe Biden was elected to do what he is doing now but many of those who voted for Biden are now suffering the most and Biden and those around him do not care and have stated that they will have to suffer in order to allow Joe Biden and his administration obtain their utopia. All our troubles today are the direct result of Joe Biden and his Socialist Democrats trying to shove their “Green” ideology down our throats no matter how much it hurts all of us.

We the People can stop this in November by voting all the Democrats out because they are the very people that are hurting us all.  If we get rid of all the Democrats we can in November, our country may see some relief, but it will take time to turn this socialist ideology around and get back to the liberty that we all love dearly. If we do not eliminate as many Democrats as we can and they stay in, we can look for times coming where many people will starve to death and crime will skyrocket higher than it is today. WE THE PEOPLE can stop this madness because we can vote those out that have injured our life styles, in some cases ruined our happiness. We cannot allow Joe Biden and his Socialist Democrats to continue on their attacks upon our freedoms and lives. We want to live decent lives with minimum hardships caused by our government.

Vote Democrats out or face very hard times.

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