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There is No Honor Among Democrat Liars

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Published on: October 19, 2015

The battle continues to rage between Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s (D-FL) pro-Hillary Clinton camp and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s (D-HI) pro-democracy camp.

The tumult began when Wasserman Schultz unilaterally decided that there would only be 4-6 Democrat debates and that at least half of them would take place AFTER the nominating process had already begun. Many Democrats saw this as a naked attempt to force Hillary Clinton upon Democrat voters without allowing them the opportunity to really learn about the other candidates. DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard expressed her disgust with the process on national television, which led the vindictive DNC chairwoman to disinvite her from the first Debate!

When the controversy became public knowledge, Wasserman Schultz immediately began saying things that forced members of the media to wonder who was lying – Gabbard or Schutlz?

The preliminary investigation seemed to show that truth was on the side of Tulsi Gabbard, and the following days have only served to bear that truth out. In fact, now another DNC Vice Chair is calling a Wasserman Schultz out for lying about Gabbard.

On MSNBC’s Meet the Press this past Friday, DNC Vice Chairman R.J. Rybak (D-MN) said that Wasserman Schultz was putting the 2016 campaign at risk by lying about her fellow Democrats and doing everything she could to save the Clinton campaign.

“I have serious questions. And it’s not just about the debates. The fact of the matter is some time in a month or two before the convention, somebody is going to win or lose. It’s going to be essential for the leader of the party to be able to say to everyone, look, it’s been fair, we need to now, let’s all pull together. That’s what Democrats want. I think the only thing that’s going to mess that up, frankly, is that I don’t think the Chair, right now, is in the position to be that peacemaker who builds that big tent for all of us…

The only reason I went public on this was after the Chair went on television and repeated a knowing untruth about Tulsi Gabbard, who, one of our fellow co-chairs, who, as a Congresswoman from Hawaii, is a great leader of the party. And I’m not going to stand by and watch that.”


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