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These Are Not The Type To Commit Suicide!

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Published on: August 6, 2021

SU’ICIDE, noun [Latin suicidium; se and coedo, to slay.] – 1. Self-murder; the act of designedly destroying one’s own life. To constitute suicide the person must be of years of discretion and of sound mind.

Reasons equated to self murder: Depression, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, nihilistic beliefs

Over and over again, we are told by those who are allowed to set the narrative through the mainstream media and their useful idiots, you know, those who have have been trained to lie to you and to betray the people by not telling them the truth, and that on a 24/7 basis, that the courageous Americans that are exposing the corruption in this government (Ephesians 5:11) are committing suicide (Luke 22:48).

Look at all the dead bodies around the Clintons, around the Bushes, around the Obamas; and now around the Bidens that are being reported as suicides.

What’s worse is the way they are reported as to have committed suicide. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Gary Webb Webb is best known for his “Dark Alliance” series, which appeared in The Mercury News in 1996. The series examined the origins of the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles and claimed that members of the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua had played a major role in creating the trade, using cocaine profits to finance their fight against the government in Nicaragua. It also stated that the Contras may have acted with the knowledge and protection of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Webb was found dead in his Carmichael home on December 10, 2004, with two gunshot wounds to the head. His death was ruled a suicide by the Sacramento County coroner’s office. After a local paper reported that he had died from multiple gunshots, the coroner’s office received so many calls asking about Webb’s death that Sacramento County Coroner Robert Lyons issued a statement confirming Webb had died by suicide. When asked by local reporters about the possibility of two gunshots being a suicide, Lyons replied: “It’s unusual in a suicide case to have two shots, but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility.” News coverage noted that there were widespread rumors on the Internet at the time that Webb had been killed as retribution for his “Dark Alliance” series.

Starting at 47:30

The Daily Mail reported:

A “passionate” Alabama TV anchor and former college football player who broke the infamous Bill Clinton tarmac meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch died Saturday, according to reports and his employer.

Christopher Sign, 45, was found dead Saturday morning by Hoover police in his Scout Terrace home, according to The death is being investigated as a suicide, Hoover Lt. Keith Czeskleba said, according to the outlet.

“Chris was a tremendous leader in our newsroom,” wrote ABC 33/40 on Saturday in tribute to the reporter.

“He worked with our reporting staff on a daily basis, but also worked behind the scenes with the I-Team and with news managers on coverage of major events. You were very likely to get an email from him with a story idea in the middle of the night. He was passionate about journalism and showed it each and every day as he pushed himself and his colleagues to be the best.”

Sign had three boys with his wife Laura, according to the local ABC affiliate.

What the mainstream failed to report was The Alabama TV reporter who died of an apparent suicide at the weekend revealed a year ago that he and his family had received death threats after he broke news of the secret 2016 tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Now, we have not one, not two, not three, but four eyewitness police officers who responded to the Capitol riot that has allegedly committed suicide. How convenient.

Officer Gunther Hashida was found dead at his home Thursday, the Metropolitan Police Department said Monday, and Officer Kyle deFreytag was found dead July 10.

Washington Police Chief Robert J. Contee III told a House committee in January that Officer Jeffrey Smith, a 12-year-veteran, had killed himself in the days after the Jan. 6 riots.

Another officer, Howard Liebengood, who joined the U.S. Capitol Police in 2005, died by suicide three days after the attack.

Do remember, friends, that these capital rioters were created government operatives in hopes of blaming their political opposition (Proverbs 18:5).

They were, in fact, caught driving in paid provocateurs and the modern-day brown shirts that were responsible for creating the riots were hoping to bring in the intended resolve. These police officers were to blow the cover off this conspiracy at the highest levels, and the powers that are tolerated by the American people just could not have it (Jeremiah 11:9).

Those that betray the truth, like that of Judas, are the type to commit suicide.  Those who tell the truth in exposing the treasonous betrayers are not the type to commit suicide (Ephesians 5:11).  They were seeking justice upon the heads of the wicked (Isaiah 26:9), and rightly so!

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