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These Devils Setting The Plandemic Narrative Call For More Censorship – Americans, The Round-Up Must Begin (Video)

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Published on: January 27, 2022

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” -George Washington

As most already know, the “plandemic” narrative has been debunked shortly after it started. Yet, it continues because most do not realize that it has survived not only from the ignorance of those that fail to expose them (Hosea 4:6), but also because of the mainstream media and big tech censorship that has been in place since its inception, which is a violation of the First Amendment to The Bill of the Rights.

As many know, the narrative that has been pushed upon the people worldwide has been found out to be a fraud.  It has contradicted itself.  It has been found to be misleading and repeatedly reversed in its narrative (Matthew 23:3).  Then again, just consider the sources and it is easy to understand as to why that is the case (John 8:44).

Now, they want more illegal censorship.

Red Voice Media reported: McCullough: Those Hunting Misinformation Are Spreading It, Surgeon General Calls For More Censorship [VIDEO]

In conclusion, these criminals that are, in fact, guilty of crimes against humanity must be held liable for the said crimes that have been committed (Psalm 94:16).

Now, the fact that they want more illegal censorship is just another example of their unjust push for more control over the lives of the people, and we will not have it!

Again, these criminals must be lawfully rounded up and must be brought to justice, period; and the American people must take responsibility in doing so!

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