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They Come to America – The Disconnect with Political Rhetoric

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Published on: November 26, 2015

In this third article on the trilogy documentary, “They Come to America,” by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, we will take a look at the disconnect that exists between the different groups — politicians, officials, those opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty and those supportive of illegal immigration and amnesty.

If you want to get a heated discussion going, all you have to do is mention illegal immigration. Saying those two words – illegal immigration – can garner a multitude of responses. Whichever response is forthcoming, you can bet strong emotions emerge immediately. If you have been following the articles and watching the film clips, you recognize right away the films are not only a presentation of actual reality and facts, but also a look at the human cost associated with illegal immigration.

Take Tom as an example. Tom, an unemployed contractor, appears in the documentary standing on a street corner holding a pole with the American Flag attached with a sign on it saying, “Deport illegals.” Just across the street, dozens of illegal immigrants are standing around waiting to get work. Tom can be counted as one of the many unemployed attributed to illegal immigration or what some might term migrant workers.

We hear from Obama and different officials that these illegal immigrants want to be Americans. These are the “dreamers” and they have a right to be in America. Americans are bombarded by the rhetoric these individuals lurk in shadows, afraid to come out. Frequently, Americans hear these individuals want citizenship, a pathway to earn it, and to contribute like everyone else.

What came through in the film as well as the trailer is a big disconnect. The only individuals repeating false rhetoric are those in government. When the illegal immigrants were asked, they spoke honestly since the atmosphere was unthreatening. Did anyone get the impression the illegal immigrants interviewed came for the American dream, which is freedom and liberty? It was plain these individuals came to make money then return to their country of origin.

One man, who had been in this nation for 10 years illegally, appeared to have no fear about being deported and certainly was not “lurking in the shadows.” He was openly attending class in an American school.

Two illegal immigrant workers interviewed confirmed they believed they took jobs from Americans. One of these men echoed that he wanted to work in America, earn about $60,000 and go back home to Ecuador, never having to worry again about money. Also, given the choice between 2 jobs, one liked and one not liked, paying the same, the man stated he would take the job where he didn’t have to pay taxes, even if he didn’t like the job.

The illegal immigrants interviewed and featured in the film admitted to sending money back to their home country.

On a similar note, it was documented schools are closing due to insufficient funds, which was confirmed by a school administrator. This is an effect of illegal immigration where the illegal immigrant parents are not contributing through taxes, but their children are in the school system. Moreover, school officials do not verify whether a child or their parents are here legally.

The illegal immigrants in the film did not appear to want to be an American citizen or have any pathway to citizenship. Moreover, they appeared to have little interest in contributing to the nation where they worked to support family back in their country of origin. Granted, this might not be the case for all, but it is for enough illegal immigrants to warrant action.

Illegal aliens in the film, working and attending school, confirmed for many what they had been aware of for quite some time. So, where are our politicians, government officials, Obama, and illegal immigrant supporters coming up with the rhetoric, proven to be false, and continue to push a narrative many uS citizens know to be false? Who knows, but wouldn’t they at least want to talk about it?

Not really. The film revealed politicians not wanting to fully answer questions posed by John Roland.

To add insult to injury, a candidate’s staff member had law enforcement escort John and crew off the premises. A patrol car followed them to make sure they left. Of course, the politician had no problem answering questions posed by the mainstream media, known to pander to candidates. It seems the topic of illegal immigration is avoided in order to garner and keep votes.

With all of the valid, accurate reasons against illegal immigration confirmed by illegal immigrants, why is repeating what illegal immigrants say considered “racist?” And, why is false rhetoric continuing to be presented by government officials, Obama and those supportive of amnesty? Without discussion focused around facts, not rhetoric, the solution to the problem will remain elusive.

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H/T and thanks to Dennis Michael Lynch.

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