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Third Bomb found in New Mexico Church

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Published on: August 24, 2015

We know that as Christians, we are going to face some push back.  There is going to be hate.  When we are living out our faith, then this is going to create enemies.  Jesus said so, and in a culture dominated by sin, we should expect nothing less.  So, that there is a person or a group of people seeking to attack churches in Las Cruses New Mexico , we should not be surprised.  Yet, we should take notice that in America, we are not speaking of words, but bombs, this should be surprising.

Christian News reports:

Police are searching for clues after bombs were found planted this month outside of three houses of worship in New Mexico.

As I reported, the first two devices exploded in churches.


We have two different churches, from two different denominations, both in the same town and both Christian in affiliation.  There seems to be both a pattern and confusion.  There seems to be no real connection between the two congregations.  So, why these churches?

And the confusion continues, as the third bomb was set in a different church and a different denomination.

Christian News continued:

Last week, a third bomb, which had not exploded, was discovered outside of the First Presbyterian Church by a groundskeeper. The device had been inserted inside the sprinkler box by the front door. Minister Norman Story told the Las Cruces Sun that he was informed by the groundskeeper that the device was in the shape of a pipe and a timing mechanism was attached.

The high school across the street was placed on lockdown and businesses were evacuated while the authorities detonated the device and ensured that the area was safe.

As I pointed out in my previous report, there is only one thing connecting these three churches: They are all considered Christian.  This person is not attacking every place that is considered a place of worship.  They have not attacked Buddhists, Muslims, and or any other religion.  They are attacking those who claim to be followers of Christ.

In a country that used to respect the worship of God, we see a decline in boundaries.  But, there is a possibility that this is just a nut seeking attention.  This does not seem the case as this guy seems to be focused on attacking the symbols of the Christian faith.  Thus far, he does not seem intent on hurting them.

What we have to recognize and set our minds to is the fact that this kind of thing is only going to get worse.  We live in a culture that has rejected the truth for a lie.  This puts them in a bad situation because they know the truth (Rom. 1).  So, every time they see a church or a cross, they are reminded that they are under judgment.

This is the reason I believe this guy is attacking Christians and no other religions.  He is attacking the symbols that remind him of his lie.  May God bring him to repentance through these reminders.


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