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This Is A Very Dangerous Precedent If YOU Allow The Unelected to Set It

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Published on: April 25, 2022

“The un-elected are attempting to usurp and to assume what was never delegated unto them.”

No matter how many times you warn the people, it seems that they feel that they are somehow invincible when it comes to the longevity of this country and their God-given rights (Ezekiel 33:3).

Every step of the way in this last plandemic, people have been warned over and over again concerning the cunning repeat criminals that were, and are, behind it Ephesians 4:14).

It reminds me of the Russian defector and Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov who exposed the four stages of a Communist takeover of a country. When the boot comes down, he said, then it is too late.

With that said, at the Sons of Liberty, we continually warned of the government overreach and just plain illegalities when it came to what the government could and could not do (Psalm 94:20), but they did it any way and the American people, in part, ignored those warnings.

The powers that are tolerated are attempting to usurp constitutional law with administrative law, which undermines our rights while giving authority that is not constitutionally delegated to them. In other words, they are assuming authority that has NEVER been given to them nor their fascist cronies (Isaiah 28:18).

Health Impact News reported:

“This is a CDC Issue, It Should Not Have Been a Court Issue” – Fauci Insists the CDC Should be Above Federal Courts and Law Dr. Fauci insisted the CDC is above federal courts during an interview with CNN’s Kasie Hunt.

Fauci was asked about a federal judge overturning Biden’s mask mandate after declaring it unlawful earlier this week.

The TSA announced travelers will no longer be required to wear face masks after a federal judge overturned the travel mask mandate.

Fauci said he’s “surprised and disappointed” that a federal judge intervened and said mask mandates are the purview of the CDC.

“This is a CDC issue, it should not have been a court issue,” Fauci said. “We are concerned about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decisions.”

“That’s no place for the courts to do that,” Fauci said.

This is why Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat who is not beholden to the people, should never have any power.

This is a very dangerous precedent if allowed to go forward. This will come to your front door if not put to an abrupt end (Amos6:3).

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