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“This is how the Fascists Do It”: Attempt to Shut Down Ben Shapiro’s Lecture Meet Epic Failure

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Published on: February 26, 2016

A couple of days ago, it was reported the California State University, Los Angeles had cancelled the speaking appearance of conservative author Ben Shapiro because the event was not “inclusive” enough. However, sponsor of the event, Young America’s Foundation (YAF), and Shapiro increased their resolve to continue with the event as scheduled. On Thursday at CSULA, Ben Shapiro appeared as scheduled to speak. While he “discussed the threats he had received prior to visiting the campus,” someone triggered the fire alarm.

The Blaze reported:

As Shapiro discussed the threats he had received prior to visiting the campus, the alarm went off and lights started flashing.

“And there it is gang,” he said. “Guess what? You know what? They are not going to stop us!”

“Folks if you just joined the live-stream, someone pulled the fire alarm to stop us because this is how the fascists do it,” the conservative writer said.

Shapiro continued his speech before lashing out at the university — which had tried to cancel the event — for failing to secure a safe environment for conservative thought to be expressed on campus.

“Where the fu— is the administration on this campus?” he asked. “Where the hell is the administration on this campus?”

“If this sort of thing happened during classes at this university, the kid that pulled the fire alarm would be off this campus so fast it would make your head spin,” he continued. “But not you out there, the protesters. Those special, magical leftist children, protected from the consequences of living in the real world with my taxpayer dollars. You get to shut us down for disagreeing with your thug tactics and your nasty, pathetic, evil ideology.”

As Shapiro spoke inside, dozens of students and Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated in front of the auditorium.

A program officer of the Young America’s Foundation, who helped organize the event, took to Twitter writing, “the crowd of leftists outside is so dangerous that we had to sneak students into the auditorium through the back door.”

Shapiro is correct. This is how the leftist liberals silence the opposition – through intimidation tactics and subtle threats of violence that will turn overt. It is reminiscent of the Black Panther tactics used to intimidate voters.

After the event concluded, the situation did not immediately improve. Shapiro stated the police notified him that “the crowd outside could pose a threat to his safety and escorted him off the campus through a secret exit.” Protestors continued to block the main entrance leaving attendees trapped inside the auditorium.

On a live stream, an event organizer said, “We are stuck inside. We are prisoners in this room right now.”

Security was able to clear the crowd outside, after a few minutes, to where attendees trapped in the auditorium could leave.

And, if this wasn’t bad enough, “Members of the California State University Los Angeles Black Student Union assaulted Breitbart News journalist Adelle Nazarian on Thursday as she tried to cover their protest against a lecture by Breitbart News editor Ben Shapiro.”

It would behoove everyone to watch the iPhone video of the outside and inside assaults of Nazarian and see the exact intimidation tactics used.

Nazarian stated:

I was videotaping the procession of the Black Student Union and one woman noticed me making a video of the event. She approached me, and said, “I will beat the piss out of you.” She approached me, and she shoved me, and then she tried to push my iPhone down. And then the lead organizer, carrying a cone megaphone, noticed the confrontation and came back towards me and hit my phone with his megaphone. The front of the cone, at bottom, was pushed in by the force of the impact. He then shoved it in my face and kept screaming at me.

In the first video, you can hear the chant, “Diversity is never the problem. Diversity is the solution.” If these ding dong Twinkies actually believed this, the groups would attend the event offering a differing viewpoint and engage in civility. The truth of the matter is diversity is the solution when it is their viewpoint and a problem when it isn’t. The promotion of falsehoods drives these protests, egged on by ideologues careful to keep themselves out of the mix.

This is how these groups react and behave toward an opposing viewpoint – violence, intimidation and name-calling. Again, one has to ask, “Where are the parents?” Parents are charged with the responsibility of teaching their children – Deuteronomy 11:19; Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 4:9. From the looks of how some of these students behave, the parents have taught their children to respond to opposing viewpoints with intimidation, anger, and aggression. If one cannot get the “upper hand” in the argument, the next step is anger and violence toward the messenger.

A reporter, who was there to film the event and the campus response, received the “fruit” of the parents’ teaching of their children. While some parents may have taught their children respect and courtesy, the university professors steeped in communistic, socialistic, liberal ideology indoctrinated these “children” so well as to eradicate the teachings received at home. This is how ideology, steeped in falsehoods peppered with violence and aggression, detrimental to this nation enter mainstream society to become the norm, not the exception. Hopefully, Ms. Nazarian will take the photos of those who assaulted her to the police and press charges against the violators.

Yes, Ms. Nazarian should press charges. These individuals deserve to reap the consequences of their behavior. The parents of these two thugs can be proud their children’s 15 minutes of fame, or more appropriately 15 minutes of notoriety, for assault, with their faces being plastered across the internet. As a reminder, the university allowed the assault perpetrated against Ms. Nazarian by these protestors due to lack of security as claimed by the university president.

Covino stated his decision to cancel the event was in “the interest of safety and security.” While Covino indicated he strongly disagreed with Mr. Shapiro’s viewpoint, he agreed to Shapiro’s attendance at the event, with the “effort to ensure a climate of safety and security.” Covino failed on all counts. However, that might have been his plan all along. Maybe he should be included as well in the complaint should Ms. Nazarian file one.

This is exactly what those who stand on the Constitution and God’s Laws face from individuals supporting and promoting transparent lies – aggression in all forms. Yes, Covino’s lack of action in securing a safe and secure environment is essentially passive aggressive behavior.

Once again, parents, if you are sending your children to one of these indoctrination centers, you are truly wasting your money, unless you have given your child a strong foundation to resist the lies perpetrated by liberal communist socialist ideologues. Without that strong foundation, children are subject to falling into the trap of buying the university snake oil of indoctrination. One can see it in many of the adults and university students of today.

Yuri Bezemenov outlined the process in his Love Letter to America. Unfortunately, not all of America was listening. Now, we are seeing the result. It will be a long process back, if we can make it back to our founding principles.

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