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This Scandal is Worse than Iran Contra or Watergate Combined

“It has just been reported that the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has verified that the Obama administration and the CIA were secretly using Benghazi to run guns and equipment from Benghazi to Turkey to arm Islamic rebels in Syria – without the knowledge of Congress and in violation of international law. These arms, equipment and trained personnel are now in the hands of – ISIS.”

This scandal is worse than Iran Contra or Watergate – put together.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The government cover up of this covert gun running operation, and the subsequent cover up, was first exposed by Accuracy in Media in 2013.

Kevin Shipp

Kevin M. Shipp is a former CIA Officer whose job included: • Counterintelligence investigator – Espionage investigations. Searching for “moles” inside the CIA • Counter Terrorism Center – Counter terrorist operations in several countries including the Middle East • Protective Agent – Director of the CIA • Internal Security Officer and Investigator – Classified CIA staff investigations • Operational Security Team Leader – Protecting covert assets from assassination • Polygraph Examiner - Preventing penetrations by foreign intelligence agents He worked at the Department of State as an Anti Terrorism Assistance global training program. Kevin has: • Appeared in Discovery Channel (American Heroes Channel) series, “CIA Declassified” • Member, Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi • Speaker, Seminar Series: America: Constitutional Crisis • Author, From the Company of Shadows – First book published, describing CIA operations and confronting the CIA regarding abuse of secrecy to cover Constitutional violations • Intelligence Expert • Terrorism Expert • Articles on Mr. Shipp in The New York Times, The Washington Post, World Magazine and several other newspaper and television programs

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