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This Video Inside A St. Louis Bar Demonstrates Why Gun Control Laws Limiting Where You Can Carry Are As Stupid As They Are Lawless

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Published on: September 2, 2019

While many outlets that carried this story over the weekend focused on the calm patron at the bar, relaxing, drinking and smoking, the first thing that came to my mind was that out of the numbers of patrons and the bartender, not one of them was armed to deal with a criminal armed with a gun who came in to rob the place, and in the process, put everyone’s life in danger.

The video took off on social media and shows an armed, black man enter a St. Louis bar and while everyone is following commands and getting down, putting their hands up, one patron simpy sits at the bar quietly playing on his phone, having a drink and eventually a smoke, never moving and acting as though he isn’t even bothered by the criminal pointing a gun at him.

Here’s the video.

TMZ reports:

Surveillance video inside Behrmann’s Tavern in St. Louis captured the terrifying action early Wednesday morning. The armed robber enters the bar and a handful of customers and a bartender get their hands up and/or get down on the ground — but you also see one man continue sipping his can of beer and using his phone.

Obviously, that drew the robber’s attention, but even with the rifle barrel jammed into his side … the defiant beer drinker kept scrolling on his phone! The robber eventually attempted to snatch the phone away and moved on to clear the cash register.

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