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This Will Explain The Illegal Censorship: Former CIA & FBI Playing The Moderators When It Comes To Social Media Content (Video)

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Published on: August 3, 2022

“Freedom of Speech is the great Bulwark of Liberty; they prosper and die together: And it is the Terror of Traytors and Oppressors, and a Barrier against them.” – John Trenchard and Thomas, Gordon British lawyers and journalists

They continue:

“Sir, Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as publick Liberty, without Freedom of Speech: Which is the Right of every Man, as far as by it he does not hurt and control the Right of another, and this is the only Check which it ought to suffer, the only Bounds which it ought to know.

This sacred Privilege is so essential to free Government, that the Security of Property, and the Freedom of Speech, always go together; and in those wretched Countries where a Man cannot call his Tongue his own, he can scarce call any Thing else his own. Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of the Nation, must begin by subduing the Freedom of Speech; a Thing terrible to publick Traytors.”

President George Washington stated: “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter” and most Americans have not a clue as to what is going on around them!

In June, I wrote Why is Everyone Being Censored But the Mainstream Media because it is exactly what is taking place in this country today (John 8:44; Ephesians 4:14).

Everyone is Being Censored But the Mainstream Media (Controlled Opposition) – And 86% of The People Say That They Don’t Believe Them! (Video)

Ben Swan reported that Facebook is “Full of CIA Agents” Deciding Content Policy

A new investigation finds that Meta’s content policy is being controlled by dozens of former CIA agents. In fact, the report finds that it is harder to find someone who did not at one time work for the CIA than to find someone who did.

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