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So You Thought Legolas was Impressive? Wait till You see Modern Archer Lars Andersen

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Published on: January 27, 2015

Most people are familiar with the mythical character Legolas from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit. While he is super-fast and accurate at shooting arrows from a quiver that never seems to run out or dump his arrows across the ground as he is running, in the real world such things don’t happen… or do they? Master archer Lars Andersen is sure to impress you in this unique video, in which, among other things, he can fire three arrows with deadly accuracy in 0.6 seconds!

Having just purchased a nice Excalibur crossbow, I have become interested in using weapons of stealth. I know as good Americans, we are all about our guns, and I am certainly among the populace of thankful gun owners in America. However, the bow has always intrigued me. After seeing Lars in action, I’m even more intrigued. Take a look and enjoy!

Among the things that Lars did to become a master of the bow was unlearning all that he had learned.

Additionally, Lars learned from studying history, not modern archery. He carries all of his arrows in the same hand he shoots with, as the video demonstrates what happens when you run with a quiver on your back.

Learning from a historical method, Lars was able to shoot more than twice as fast as his closest competitors, allowing him to set several speed shooting records.

Lars demonstrates why modern archery, while impressive, does not compare with archery methods of the past. The main reason this is the case is that archers of the past were often in motion shooting at moving targets while today’s archers are stationary and shoot at a still target.

Also, modern archers often place their arrows on the left side of the bow and aim with one eye, while Lars places his arrow on the right side of the bow and uses both eyes to aim. Lars discovered this technique by studying historical pictures.

His ability to grab an enemy’s arrow that has been shot at him and then fire it back is truly stunning.

Lars is so impressive that he can shoot the bow with both hands and still hit his target. He is also able to fire an arrow at the blade of a knife and spilt it in two.

However, he goes beyond that to demonstrate that he can fire an arrow and split another arrow that is in flight!

Legolas, eat your heart out!

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