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Three Pittsburgh Area High School Teachers Face Charges Concerning Sex with Students

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Published on: April 23, 2015

It is becoming increasingly harder for us to protect our children in our immoral society. There is the real war on women and their dignity, through women’s lib, a movement which has made the value of women plummet over the last twenty years. There is the legitimization of drug use, and the reckless abandonment with which our children have followed our lead. Now, with no real reason to restrain themselves, we have male teachers engaging their students in sexual activity.

The Washington Times reports:

Police say a Pennsylvania high school teacher told his class the identity of a student who accused another teacher of illegally having sex with her.

So, this student has reported a teacher for having sex with her, and her other teacher calls her out in class. He actually pointed to her in class as the reason he had missed class the week before.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote:

Drew C. Zoldak, 40, of New Kensington, was arrested at the school late this morning. He faces one count of intimidating a victim in a case.

So, what we have is this forty-year-old man seeking to intimidate this child. He wanted to scare her and embarrass her so she would think twice about testifying against his friend. This creep, thinking that it is alright for a forty-year-old man to have sex with a child, sought to help his buddy.

The PP-G further explains the situation:

Fellow teacher Joseph Ruggieri, 40, of New Kensington, is awaiting a preliminary hearing on charges that he had sex with a student and intimidated her by contacting her via a video call after his arrest.

The student in that case was in Mr. Zoldak’s forensic science class Monday when he told the class, “The reason I wasn’t here on Friday is because two men in suits from the District Attorney’s Office were asking me hundreds of questions,” according to a criminal complaint.

No one asked this man why he was out of class, he volunteered this information. The kids did not ask him anything. This predator was seeking to interject his name into the gossip, just as he had the investigation.

Plum police contacted the Allegheny County district attorney’s office, whose workers told them that Mr. Zoldak requested to meet with them on Friday. During that interview, Mr. Zoldak “implied to the detectives that the victim was partly responsible for the offense, stating: ‘it takes two to tango,'” according to the criminal complaint.

Zoldak’s attitude toward the situation is a common one, but an erroneous one. You see, the whole thing is tilted toward the teacher. Because, even if you do not believe that the girl lacked the mental capacity to resist, making the situation statutory rape, he did have a measure of power over her. He, being her teacher, has been given authority over her. Her parents and the government says she must listen to him. He also has the power to pass or fail her, which gives the man again leverage over her.

Unfortunately, these are not the only predators in this school system.

The PP-G reports:

A different Plum High School teacher, Jason Cooper, 38, of Verona, was ordered to stand trial this morning on charges that he had sex with a different student shortly after her 18th birthday. Mr. Cooper’s attorney said he has lost his teaching license as a result of the charges.

There is a problem in this school. If I had a child in that high school, I would pull them out—and fast.


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