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Time To Push Back Against Draconian Lockdowns & Tyranny

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Published on: April 15, 2020

Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and anyone else advocating for a federally mandated lockdown either doesn’t understand the Constitution’s structure or doesn’t respect it.  The lockdowns are both unconstitutional and trash the fundamental human rights every single person on this planet was born with.

A recent article by The Federalist has really hit home for many in the liberty movement.

It is time to push back against the tyrannical orders of governors and federal authoritarians.

The Washington Post ran an article about plans being made to reopen the economy.

The article complains that state governors (rather than the White House) are leading the planning, which has resulted in a “mind-boggling level of disorganization,” according to a Centers for Disease Control director.

The incessant bleating of prominent health leaders over the lack of federal control in this crisis only underscores how little they understand or respect this country’s Constitution and the freedoms it seeks to protect. Although the White House certainly has emergency authority to mandate all number of efforts to respond to crisis, and obviously can pressure local leaders, the coronavirus has highlighted the structural nature of the Constitution and that one of the saving graces in the insanity we are living through is that lockdowns are local.

I find our current lockdowns particularly chilling. They effectuate a sweeping deprivation of civil liberties and, in my opinion, many of the current lockdowns far exceed the uncontroverted evidence necessary to justify them. -Emily McCann, The Federalist

There is never an excuse for tyranny and human rights shouldn’t be stomped on to slow the spread of a virus.

It’s time to stand up and go back to our lives regardless of the orders to stay on house arrest.

We need to collectively start objecting to statewide lockdowns, too. The herd mentality that has swept the nation and imprisoned Americans across the country does not have the proper evidentiary basis, and the precedent, if left unchallenged, can and will be abused in the future. Public outcry should be widespread and loud. -Emily McCann, The Federalist

McCann is correct.

Americans have to push back against this tyranny or those in power will never check themselves when it comes to taking our basic human rights or worse, our lives.

If we accept this level of draconian power, there will be more.

They will enslave us only to the point we allow.

It’s time to start pushing back.

Read McCann’s entire article by clicking here. 

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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