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Timing of Turkish Coup Should Be Questioned, Yet Hussein Soetoro Calls for Rule of Law

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Published on: July 19, 2016

As pretty much many know by now, a coup attempt against Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was foiled.  In response, Ergogan, claimed by Hussein Soetoro to be “his best friend,” has initiated tyrannical, despotic measures against those who instigated his oust.  Not surprisingly, some insinuations have been made that the United States played a role in this coup.  In true form, Hussein Soetoro descended on the media scene to “urge” the Turkish government to “respect the rule of law” when dealing with those who attempted to oust Erdogan from power. reported Hussein Soetoro “urged parties on both sides to avoid destabilizing Turkey and follow the rule of law after the coup attempt against President Tayyip Ergogan.”

Seriously?  A man who cannot even follow the law, aka the Constitution or any constitutionally enacted piece of legislation, and who works diligently to tear down the rule of law in this republic has the gall to tell a man who embraces Islam, the epitome of lawlessness, to follow the law.  Well, exactly which law should Erdogan follow – international, Sharia, US, Turkish  or whatever whim he feels like that day?

At the risk of sounding “know-it-all,” one has to question the timing of this “coup.”

As reports:

The coup attempt complicated U.S.-led efforts to combat Islamic State. Turkey closed its airspace to military aircraft and power was cut off to Incirlik air base, which U.S. forces use to launch air attacks against the militant group.

U.S. officials were working with Turkish officials to resume air operations quickly, the Pentagon said.

Secretary of State John Kerry told Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that authorities should respect the rule of law during their probe of the coup.

It took a coup to complicate the “U.S.-led efforts to combat the Islamic State?”  From where many sit, the “U.S.-led efforts to combat the Islamic State” have been comical from the start bordering on shenanigans found in the silent films of the Keystone Kops.  

Even more astounding in this entire response from this administration was the statement made by US State Department spokesman John Kirby.

He made clear that the United States would be willing to provide assistance to Turkish authorities conducting this investigation, but that public insinuations or claims about any role by the United States in the failed coup attempt are utterly false and harmful to our bilateral relations.

Is there a reason the United States continues to meddle in the sovereign governments of other nations?  What is the reason behind this administration’s continued support of despotic, tyrannical leaders and their institutions?  Does anyone truly believe the government of Turkey was “democratically” elected by civilians?  Turkey is an Islamic state governed by Islam.  The only choice is a government dominated by Islam through Islam practicing individuals.  Under Islam, women are worse than second class citizens and who, most likely, are denied voting privileges.  But, that’s a civilian democratically elected government.

A statement issued from the White House claimed, “While we have no indications as of yet that Americans were killed or injured in the violence, the president and his team lamented the loss of life and registered the vital need for all parties in Turkey to act within the rule of law and to avoid actions that would lead to further violence or instability.”

Hussein Soetoro has indicated the united States needs the continued cooperation of Turkey “in the fight against terrorism.”  Yes, this is the same Turkey, a member of NATO, who is affording Muslims an entryway into Europe to continue the mass invasion to destabilize the entire European continent.  This is the same regime who supports the Islamic State fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Asaad.  This is the same Turkey who has not closed its border to foreign fighters entering Syria to thwart Asaad and fight with the Islamic State.

Because of the coup attempt, electrical power has been lost to the air base used by the United States in Incirlik.  At present, the air base is running on internal power sources until commercial power can be restored.  Jeffrey White, a former senior Defense Intelligence Agency analyst now with the Washington Institute for Near East policy stated, “Clearly the variable here is how long the closure will last.  If we’re unable to fly from Incirlik, it will have a significant impact on the air campaign.”

According to a Turkish president official in Istanbul, the power outage was temporary and “aimed at preventing rogue aircraft from targeting civilian and government buildings.”

How interesting and what impeccable timing.  For quite some time now, there has been some question as to the effectiveness of the united States air campaign against the Islamic State.  Hussein Soetoro has made no bones about wanting to “depose” Syrian president Asaad.  Previous reports have indicated the air campaign has “mistakenly” dropped supplies to the Islamic State.  While the drops were to go to anti-ISIS forces, including Kurds, Turkey has fought a “30-year counter-insurgency against its Kurdish minority….”

The same official claimed, “This is a short term measure which won’t have significant effect on coalition operations.  We have discussed this measure with our colleagues in Washington as well and they understand our concerns.”

But, as contends:

A prolonged closure of Incirlik’s airspace could force the United States to divert aircraft based in the Persian Gulf to the Manbij and Raqqa offensives, constraining the air power available to support Iraqi and U.S. forces involved in operations against Islamic State.

It could also complicate the Pentagon’s ability to resupply and aid U.S. special forces inside Syria.

A lengthy halt also could constrain the operations of U.S. drones, now flying out of Incirlik, to gather intelligence and strike Islamic State leaders in Raqqa and militants based there who plot and coordinate extremist attacks in Western Europe, White said.

Being that Turkey is governed by a practitioner of Islam who stated, “Islam is Islam,” and governments steeped in Islam practice Sharia law, which includes taqiyyah, one wonders whether the “coup” was legitimate or contrived for some agenda.  Reports indicate that 6,000 suspects were rounded up, including top commanders, foot soldiers, judges and prosecutors.  One of the individuals arrested was General Bekir Ercan Van, commander of the Incirlik air base, the base where the United States initiates its airstrikes against the Islamic State.  Coincidence?  It’s a big one. has even described Turkey as a “model Muslim democracy.”  Talk about a contradiction in terms, there it is.

But, instead of questioning the timing, the loss of power to an important air base, the arrest of the air base commander, and the brutality with which Erdogan is moving against those accused of the coup, Hussein Soetoro and the EU stooges urge for Erdogan to “follow the rule of law” without even defining what law that is.  In fact, Erdogan has indicated parliament could propose to bring back the death penalty, which was abolished in Turkey, and has promised a “purge of the armed forces before the coup attempt was over.”  One can only imagine what this despot considers a “purge” to be.

Something smells rotten in this entire scenario.  Unfortunately, no one in this administration is even questioning what is happening.  Massive anti-government protests occurred in Turkey three years ago.  Yet, the people rallied behind the Erdogan government to help quell a coup supposedly attempted by members in the military but encompassing judges, prosecutors and who knows who else as well.  Being that described this as “the violence that shocked a nation of almost 80 million,” one has to wonder why.

If the United States government has not learned its lesson by being in bed with any type of Middle Eastern government steeped in Islam, it will never learn and continually expose this nation to supporting and backing despots, tyrants and oppressors.  As Erdogan said, “Islam is Islam.”  It holds no allegiance to anything but its false god Allah.  And, no “free” nation can well afford to call “friend” a nation whose government is based on Sharia.  For with Islam, who knows exactly what the truth is.

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