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Today’s Conservatives (Yesterday’s Liberals), Finally Admit Trump Is Not Keeping His Promises. When Will You Learn Americans?

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Published on: December 12, 2018

“Now that Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson are admitting that Trump is not keeping his promises, it must be true. What’s wrong with American’s? Consider the source.” -Bradlee Dean  

First off and for the record, I would like to point out that I am in no way here to wrong the rights, but rather I am here to right the wrongs; and it is what I have been doing for the last 20 years of ministry (Galatians 4:16).  Oh, how the people have treated me as an enemy when telling them the truth.

I am not writing weekly across the nation to rain upon anyone’s parade or to ruin anyone’s day.  I would like to have representatives that say that they are going to do something and hold to it as much as any man alive. The sad fact of the matter is that the American people are played over and over again by the same lying politicians and the same lying media (John 8:44), cycle after cycle, with the same results where promises are left unfulfilled and where Americans are in the end losing more of their freedoms. The only way to right the wrongs is to break this vicious lying cycle by telling the truth and exposing them for who they are and what it is that they are doing (Isaiah 51:4).

Remember, the man and the office are one and the same (Matthew 7:16).  You cannot separate the two (2 Corinthians 11:14).  By ignoring the obvious with the corrupt is to leave off justice and that just simply adds strength to tyranny.

Which brings me to Donald Trump and the new administration. Since day one, I have shown the contradictions and hypocrisies with Mr. Trump.  What he says and what he does are two different stories which become America’s realities, and this for the most part is every step of the way (Isaiah 5:20). 

I have been told “Bradlee you have to quit Trump Bashing,” or “Why do you hate the president?” or how about this one, “ Bradlee, Trump needs more time,” or “Trump is the best that we have got!”

I am a preacher with the law of truth in my mouth (Malachi 2:6).  Therefore, let’s be clear, I am not bashing I am simply exposing (Luke 12:2). Nobody likes to be lied to, and I, for one, am not going to play the fool to those who are attempting to do the fooling (Ephesians 4:14).

I remember when a person once asked why I hated Barack Hussein Obama and why it was that I was attacking his administration.  In response, I said that I wasn’t attacking the president, I was defending myself by telling the truth against the one that was doing the attacking and the lying. The truth simply exposes the liars for who and what they are (John 7:7).

When you hear people say such things, it always comes to this:  The people do not want to hear the truth because then they have to deal with the liars.  For truth demands a response, and what is behind all of this is a feeble attempt to justify themselves against the truth that they are responsible to enforce (Zechariah 7:11).

Trump needs more time? Really? It’s interesting that before Barack Hussein Obama took office, he was quoted as saying that he was going to “fundamentally transform America” and from the first day to the very last of his 8-year criminal tenure, he began his illegal attack on America over 1,180 times.  Yet, Trump needs more time? Trump has been president for almost 2 years now!  What has he done besides the opposite of what he said that he was going to do (Matthew 13:25-30)? And he has the law on his side!

Trump is the best we got? What of the 15 other options that you were never told about who were running for the presidency? No, he was the best of what was offered to you. Americans forget that it is the same lying CIA-controlled media that helped him get into the people’s White House by giving him all the attention needed in order to get there.

Again, somehow this is Trump bashing when you expose the lies and hypocrisies. Ridiculous!

“Truth crushed to the earth will rise again.” –William Cullen Bryant

Do you remember when I reported?

Are We talking About The Same President That Today’s Conservatives Are Propping Up, Or Someone Else? Things Are Not Lining Up!

The Same Old Games! The Revelations Of Donald Trump And His Affections…

Trump has not prosecuted as he promised that he would. 

President Trump, You May Have Forgotten, But I Have Not

As a matter of fact, Trump’s appointees are actually protecting those he said he would prosecute. 

Why Are President Donald Trump’s Appointees Protecting The Clintons?

He has not fulfilled his promise concerning the wall. 

The Ever Changing Promises About The Wall – Now You’re Paying For It!

He has not stopped the alluring of illegals into this country, but has done just the opposite. 

$1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill Sold As “National Security” – Funds Avowed To America’s Enemies

Do you also remember when I reported and attempted to warn you about the danger of talking head conservatives (Yesterday’s liberals)? 

These conservatives are the same people who have put Trump in God’s place.  Just check out Ann Coulter’s “In Trump We Trust” (Jeremiah 2:28). Therefore, America continuously gets man’s cursed results (Jeremiah 17:5).  These are a group of people who, for some reason or another, think they have it over on the group that they call the left, when, in fact, they are the reason that there is a left.  Yet, they support Trump, who advocates on several fronts what God clearly condemns (2 Chronicles 19:2). 

Yet, in telling Americans the truth and exposing the lies, we have had Christian conservative alternative media outlets attacking me for telling you the truth by putting up disclaimers about my articles exposing this new administration for what it is (Matthew 15:7-12).

The Danger Of Talking-Head Conservatives

“Just Not Too Much Truth,” Say The Hypocrites! The Saga Continues…


The Same Old Games! The Revelations Of Donald Trump And His Affections…

Speaking of Ann Coulter, look as she falls over herself and what it is that she has been faced with concerning this administration and its deceptions.

New York Times- Trump is failing

 Speaking of Tucker Carlson and what he has recently had to come out and say in order to save what face there is left to save, The Washington Post reported:

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson set straight any misinformation concerning his views on President Trump: “I don’t think he’s capable,” he said during an interview on Tuesday.

Carlson said he cannot stand Trump’s self-aggrandizement and boasting. Then, when asked whether Trump has kept his promises, the usually quick-witted and long-winded Carlson had just one word: “No.” 

Carlson said he cannot stand Trump’s self-aggrandizement and boasting. Then, when asked whether Trump has kept his promises, the usually quick-witted and long-winded Carlson had just one word: “No.” 

“He knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done, hasn’t done all the things you need to do, so it’s mostly his fault that he hasn’t achieved those things,” he added.

Carlson has come to believe that Trump’s role is not as a conventional president who promises to achieve certain things and then does. Instead, it’s to “begin the conversation about what actually matters.”  

After calling out Trump, in part for the hypocrisies in his administration, Tucker then goes onto say, “The elite in our country is physically separated in a way that’s very unhealthy for a democracy.”

A question for Tucker, since when did America become a democracy (Hosea 4:6)?

Herein lies the problem with the American people, they give ear to these overpaid “useful idiots,” who have helped pave the way and are, in short, responsible for pointing the finger at Trump as being America’s savior and away from Jesus Christ, the Savior (Isaiah 30), and then wonder why they are being led astray (John 14:6).

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