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Today’s The Day: Unconstitutional CDC Will Quietly Vote On Permanently Shielding Pfizer & Moderna From COVID Shot Liability & Push Shots On Children (Video)

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Published on: October 19, 2022

October 19, 2022 will be a fay of infamy.  Why?  The unlawful and even criminal Center for Disease Control and Prevention will be voting on giving a permanent shield for Pfizer and Moderna from their deadly, experimental COVID shots.  On top of that, they will be voting on whether those same deadly shots will be required of school age children in order to attend the public indoctrination centers we call public schools.

Keep in mind that the CDC is not an entity authorized by the US Constitution and has a conflict of interest in health matters seeing that they hold patents on “bugs” and “vaccines.”  They are nothing more than corporate fascists seeking to control the population for their own gain.

Nevertheless, they are meeting on October 19, 2022 to vote on protecting the criminals that they pimp for in Big Pharma and endangering America’s children in the process.

The CDC, along with Congress, is trying to protect the crime syndicate here in the US.

Jordan Schachtel writes:

A CDC committee will convene this week and likely vote Thursday to deliver permanent legal indemnity to Pfizer and Moderna, through the process of adding the drug companies’ mRNA injections to the child and adolescent immunization schedules.

By adding the shots to the childhood schedule, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will transfer liability for vaccine injuries to the federal government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), allowing for Pfizer and Moderna to finally bring an FDA approved shot to the market without opening itself up to lawsuits. Moreover, it will act as another windfall for companies that have already brought in hundreds of billions of dollars in revenues, by requiring these vaccinations for children who attend public schools.

In March 2020, the federal government invoked the PREP Act, which gave Pfizer and Moderna a tort liability shield due to the declared “public health emergency,” which the government is reportedly going to revoke in early 2023. The companies’ emergency use authorization shots have since been protected by the federal government through this 2005 congressional action.

A draft agenda published by the CDC shows what will be on the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday’s meetings.


The Health Resources & Services Administration has clarified what needs to happen for a vaccine to become liability free:

“For a vaccine to be covered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must recommend the category of vaccine for routine administration to children or pregnant women, and it must be subject to an excise tax by federal law.”

The Dossier has reported extensively on the coordinated effort by Big Pharma and the Biden Administration to delay the rollout of an FDA approved COVID vaccine, with legal experts suspecting the process is in place to protect Pfizer and Moderna from legal liability from vaccine injuries. To catch up to speed in detail on the EUA vs FDA approved situation, read the stories linked below.

The Dossier
Shell Game? There remains no FDA approved COVID vaccine in the United States
I fact checked the fact checkers and couldn’t believe what I found. Despite the corporate press, Big Pharma, and the federal government telling us otherwise, it is absolutely true that there is no FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine available in the United States today. And there are no plans to make one available any time soon…

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The Dossier
Ghost Shot: Pfizer quietly admits it will never manufacture original FDA approved COVID vaccines
The August 23, 2021 FDA approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine was a cause for celebration. Marked as a turning point in the battle against COVID19, the announcement was highly publicized by the Biden Administration with the clear intention to extinguish “vaccine hesitancy” and boost uptake…

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Once described as the cure to the coronavirus, the novel mRNA shots have resulted in catastrophic failure, with a side effect profile exponentially higher than advertised. Thanks to a fraudulent, deceptive marketing campaign, assisted by top federal officials and high-profile pharmaceutical executives, the drugmakers and the federal government convinced millions of Americans to take shots that were much more dangerous (especially for young men), and much less effective than advertised.

Over the course of COVID Mania, Pfizer and Moderna have raked in hundreds of billions of dollars in liability free dollars, enriching their executives and board members beyond their wildest dreams. Thanks to Big Pharma’s successful regulatory capture of Government Health, and corrupt bureaucrats’ willing compliance, it looks like the mRNA drug cartel will be completely off the hook when it comes to compensating the countless Americans who were harmed by their junk products.

Ryan from The Last American Vagabond has the breakdown in this informative video.

Follow up with a phone call to the ACIP Committee members listed below (especially Dr. Long since she doesn’t seem to have her email address listed). Phone calls are critical! You can call at any hour and leave a message.

• Dr. Sarah Long 215-427-5201
• Dr. Grace Lee 650-497-0618
• Lynn Bahta (an RN) 651-201-5505
• Dr. Beth Bell 404-432-3059
• Dr. Oliver Brooks 323-564-4331
• Dr. Wilbur Chen 410-706-5328
• Dr. Sybil Cineas 401-444-4741
• Dr. Helen Keipp Talbot 615-322-2035
• Dr. Matthew Daley 303-393-6604
• Dr. Camille Nelson Kotton 617-726-3812
• Dr. Jamie Loehr 607-697-0360
• Veronica V. McNally (an attorney) 517-432-6969
• Dr. Katherine A. Poehling 336-716-9661 extension: 62540
• Dr. Pablo J. Sánchez 614-722-4559
• Dr. Nirav D. Shah 312-952-6092

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