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Tommy Robinson Found Guilty Of Journalism

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Published on: July 5, 2019

Ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been found in contempt of court for his Facebook Live broadcast of Muslim rape gang member defendants.  Apparently, England no longer wants journalism that tells the truth about the snakes they are housing in Britain.

The Guardian reports:

Tommy Robinson faces prison again after being found in contempt of court for “aggressively confronting and filming” defendants in a criminal trial and broadcasting the footage on social media.

The former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – could be imprisoned for up to two years in relation to the incident in 2018, when he filmed defendants accused of the sexual exploitation of young girls.

The footage, in breach of a reporting ban, was then livestreamed from outside Leeds crown court while the jury was considering its verdict.

Robinson, 36, from Luton, Bedfordshire, had denied any wrongdoing, insisting that he had only referred to information that was already in the public domain.

However, judges at the Old Bailey on London said on Friday that his conduct “amounted to serious interference with the administration of justice”.

One of the judges, Dame Victoria Sharp, said he had breached reporting restriction imposed on the trial by livestreaming the video from outside the public entrance to the court and by “aggressively confronting and filming” some of the defendants.

“In our judgment, the respondent’s conduct in each of those respects amounted to a serious interference with the administration of justice,” she said.

The tyrannical judges clearly don’t understand the law and are far more concerned of being called “islamophobes” than anything else.

Following the verdict at the Old Bailey, he told the BBC he had been convicted “for who I am, not what I have done”.

The BBC adds:

Contempt of court laws exist to ensure people get fair trials. The idea is that juries must not be influenced by anything but the evidence they hear in court.

The rules apply to everyone from journalists to people posting comments on social media, and even jurors.

If someone interferes with a trial, the defendants can walk free and a new trial may have to be held.

The maximum sentence for contempt of court is two years in prison, but it can also be punished with an unlimited fine.

Contempt includes publishing anything that creates a substantial risk of seriously prejudicing “active” criminal proceedings. Proceedings become “active” when a suspect is arrested.

Someone could also be in contempt by actions including taking photographs or film, recording what is said in court or talking to a jury member about a case.

Right, but Robinson was doing none of that.  He wasn’t influencing the jury.  He was reporting on what was already known about the case and nothing more.  These charges are fraudulent and an abuse of power, and so is the ruling by the judges.

Even the people know it.

Take a look at Robinson’s supporters in the UK after the ruling.

If they wanted to, they could easily overthrow all the cops there and go and deal with the corrupt judges who are protecting the Muslims and terrorizing the Brits.

“The British government continually slams Russia, continually slams China about free speech and their treatment of journalists,” Robinson told a reporter with Ruptly.

“I’m going to be sent to prison next week because I asked, as a journalist, ‘how do you feel about your sentence?’” he added, describing the actions for which he was first arrested last year.

“The original charges have completely changed – the charges I was released from prison for, the charges I was cleared on – they spent 5 months sitting, looking, and invented more charges,” he said.

“I read off a BBC news website, ok? Everything I read, everything I said that day was already in the public domain,” he said.

Indeed, Robinson is facing a serious injustice and the people of England better deal with their corrupt judges as well as their Muslim population, but I fear it may be too late for them.

By the way, the jihadis went free.

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