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Top Vancouver Cardiologist “Dies Suddenly” As List Of “Vaxxed” Canadian Doctors Grows To More Than 132

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Published on: February 19, 2023

In October 2022, The Sons of Liberty welcomed Dr. William Makis to the show as he explained blowing the whistle on at least 32 doctors in Canada that died after taking the experimental COVID shots.  He later followed up pointing out that at least 80 doctors in Canada who took the shot had died and those numbers continue to grow.  I received an email from Dr. Makis indicating a that a top Vancouver cardiologist also recently died suddenly and added his concerns about an Edmonton psychiatrist’s death was also suspect.

“I receive an email cautiously asking: “Is he on this list?” (our list of 132 Canadian doctor sudden deaths),” Makis wrote.  “A top Vancouver cardiologist was seeing patients recently. A few days later, one of his patients was informed their cardiologist had just died suddenly.  He is not on our list. I don’t recognize his name. How did we miss this?”

Makis continued, “Dr.Andrew (Andrzej) Jakubowski died on January 27, 2023. He was 68 years old. Dr. Jakubowski was the Program Medical Director of the Healthy Heart Program at Richmond Hospital in British Columbia (click here). Other than that, any further information is difficult to come by.”

That’s not all.  Dr. Makis also added information that he personally experienced when trying to get information on a psychiatrist that has died suddenly.  He wanted to see if rumors were true that funeral homes were suppressing the truth about all these “sudden deaths.”

Dr. Makis wrote, “We had heard rumors that funeral homes are being advised to suppress information on sudden deaths, especially when it comes to Canadian doctors. I experienced this first hand with the sudden death of Edmonton Psychiatrist Dr.Michael Marshall.”

“For weeks, information on Dr.Marshall was impossible to come by,” he added.  “We couldn’t find out how old he was. There was no obituary. For one of the most famous doctors in Edmonton, Alberta, it was almost as if there was a media blackout. He was 45 years old when he died suddenly. A few weeks later, Edmonton Journal speculated about his cause of death:  he’d recently suffered a head injury, but it’s unclear if that contributed in any way, or if there was another medical issue at play” (click here).”

Makis continued, “It’s very strange for mainstream media to speculate on the cause of death of a local doctor, but that bizarre media speculation drew attention away from the fact he was fully COVID-19 vaccinated and may have suffered a vaccine related injury and death. Dr. Jakubowski’s obituary has no photo, no indication he was a doctor, no history of where he went to medical school, or where he worked throughout his distinguished career as a top cardiologist in Vancouver. Nothing (click here).”

“Anyone searching for information on Canadian doctor sudden deaths would never find him,” Makis concluded.  “And perhaps this is intentional.”

As far as I’m concerned, there is no “perhaps.”  It is most definitely intentional because it’s murder and a coverup.

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