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Trevor Loudon: Amnesty Is Obama’s Trump Card To Transform America

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Published on: March 10, 2015

Sometimes people from “the outside looking in” have a clearer perspective than those who are on the inside. Such is the case with many looking at what is going on in America today. There are many here in America who see clearly what is going on; however, it seems there are those who either don’t see it, won’t see it, care not to even look at it or are actively participating in it.

In an interview with Ginni Thomas, Libertarian New Zealander Trevor Loudon, author and founder of the popular website, shared his views on what is happening in America today. In the two part interview, Loudon talks about amnesty for illegal aliens here in America as Obama’s “trump card” to the final transformation of America. Loudon surmises that with Obama’s amnesty, the Hispanic voters will be sealed as Democrats making Republicans victories almost impossible thereby turning America into a one party nation.

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Loudon outlines how the communists, socialists and Marxists have infiltrated the labor unions and the Democratic party, ousting the moderate Democrats from both houses. While Republicans are talking about “courting” the Hispanic vote, Loudon states that could take 10-15 years when America only has about two years left to save its constitutional republic.

He explains that foreign commentators, watching intently what is happening in American politics, are “freaking out.”

Loudon states, “They are so worried. They see what Obama is doing to Israel. They see ISIS expanding in the Middle East. They see China building a big blue-water navy in the Pacific. They see Putin bullying the Ukraine, clearly wanting to reestablish his empire in Europe. They are freaking out because they have just come to the realization that they have been relying on America to defend them … when America is actually working for the other side, in many instances.”

Loudon indicates that conservatives and Republicans should not write off Obama as incompetent. He claims this is a “power play for control with no viable opposition.” He points to what happened in South Africa, Venezuela and Czechoslovakia as examples, “with public deception covering up the true nature of regime change.”

According to Loudon, Obama and his allies are not just content on transforming America; their goal is the world. He claims that America, the good guy who protected the world from the bad guys, is now “helping the bad guys.” If America’s constitution is lost, he claims, “everything good about America will go” leaving Putin, the Chinese and Iran to dominate the world as other western government will surely fall.

Listen to his claims regarding Russia, ISIS and Iran. According to Loudon, Islam and communism make good bed buddies.

“What you guys do in the next two years is going to make a huge difference to the fate of our civilization,” Loudon told Thomas.

America has been at a critical crossroad for some time now. She is about to pass the point of no return according to Loudon. Republicans have sold out to the Democrat party, caved to Obama and offered very little resistance to the administration’s agenda. Loudon contends that a grassroots effort reminiscent of the efforts that put Ronald Reagan in office is what is needed at this time in order to thwart the downfall or transformation of our country. He postulates that it is not just about removing Obama but about removing the communist, socialist, Marxist infiltrates in the governing body of this country.

Those who are working to subvert our form of government are traitors, plain and simple. They are conducting an insurrection that consists of public and stealth elements. This isn’t just in the Democratic party, but in certain individuals that identify as Republican. Should we be questioning whether Obama will leave office in 2016? Will there even be a 2016 election?

The nation once hailed by the Japanese as “a sleeping giant” was awakened by a horrific attack on our nation on December 7, 1941. Why did the majority not awaken on September 11, 2001, to that horrific attack? Instead of rallying against the enemy, as was done in 1941, our government chose to infringe on all citizens. This was the wakeup call. But, instead of wakening, citizens clamored to government to provide security. What America received was infringement on their individual rights without one bit of retribution being paid to America’s enemy.

The Tyranny Clock is winding down to midnight. What are we Americans going to do? It’s time to make sure your life is right with God, repent of your sins, and begin to truly honor the Lord Our God and Jesus Christ or continue in His service for those who live for Christ. For if we cannot turn the tide that is upon us and if we all choose not to hang together, we will surely all hang separately.

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