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Trump Admin Works With Mexico To Align On Asylum – US Citizens Get Shafted

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Published on: June 4, 2019

While everyone in the united States is intentionally being focused on the “shiny” of the Mueller report, Mueller’s press statement and the Democrats’ push for impeachment, the illegal alien invasion at the US southern border continued almost unfettered.  Trump has threatened Mexico with tariffs on Mexican exports, which he cannot constitutionally impose, while Mexico’s Obrador indicated that poor “migrants” have a right to enter the united States because of violence and a lack of jobs in their home country.  Meanwhile, “US officials are pressuring Mexico to sign a ‘safe third country’ deal that would help US border officers quickly deport migrants, either back into Mexico or all the way back to their home countries.”

Breitbart News reported:

“We want to work with Mexico to align on asylum,” Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, told reporters Thursday evening. “We need to be able to protect people in the first safe country they arrive in — really, all through the hemisphere, but certainly with our partner to the south.”

The terms of the deal would determine how U.S. border agencies could handle migrants who travel through Mexico to get to the U.S. border, said Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies. The goal would be a deal in which Mexico agrees to offer asylum to migrants from the South, and also to allow migrants to return to Mexico once they are rejected by U.S. agencies.

Depending on the deal, the rejected Central American asylum seekers might be flown home without returning to Mexico, Arthur said. Once a deal is signed, most migrants would be deterred from making the trip because they would expect rejection at the border, he said.

The safe third country deal is needed, say, advocates, because the wave of Central American economic migrants have exploited U.S. asylum rules to overwhelm the border defenses — and often to help them get work permits while they wait a few years for a judge to hear their asylum pleas.

The establishment media largely ignored the safe third country issue on Friday.

Now, maybe some individuals might believe this “deal” would hinder some from making the trip through Mexico to the southern border of the US;  however, it’s not going to stop those traversing Mexico to enter the united States illegally by avoiding border checkpoints and border agents along a vast unprotected, unmanned border.  Let’s be clear here.  Mexico is not going to “align” with any US asylum immigration law or regulations.  Obrador has made it clear in his statement, especially after proclaiming migrants have the “right” to enter the united states.

According to Reuters, as reported by Breitbart News:

“I want to insist that we will not fall into any provocation; we are going to act prudently,” said the president. “With respect to U.S. authorities, and President Donald Trump, we think that all these conflicts in the bilateral relationship must be confronted and resolved with dialogue.”

He said that Mexico would enforce its immigration laws but would not take actions that violate human rights. He noted that people were flowing out of Central America “not by choice, but necessity” because of violence and a lack of jobs.

McAleenan stated he wanted Mexico to “tighten security” along its southern border and take much stronger actions against the drug cartels and labor trafficking cartels.  As Pork stated to Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, “Asking ain’t gettin’.”

Mexico must take significant action to secure their southern border, stop the unlawful flow of migrants across their territory, and attack the criminal groups preying on vulnerable migrants and profiting from these smuggling enterprises.

[On] operational security on their southern border with Guatemala.  They have increased somewhat they interdictions of migrants entering Mexico from Guatemala, but it’s less than one fifth of what we’re seeing at the border on average.  They need to step up their security efforts at their southern border.  And they have natural chokepoints leading away from the border of Chiapas and Guatemala, into Mexico and on the way to the U.S.

Two, we need to target an attack to transnational criminal organizations.  This is an organized smuggling effort.  The logistical effort to move 100,000 people through a country every four weeks is immense.  This is noticeable.  It involves commercial bus lines that are controlled by criminal organizations.  We need Mexico to crack down on these operations in their territory.

We also have the opportunity to partner with Mexico to align our asylum efforts to ensure that asylum seekers are processed and protected in the first safe space they reach and not allowed to continue on to other countries’ borders.  We need to take concerted action.

So, the acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security recognized, finally, this is an “organized” criminal effort to flood the united States with illegal alien invaders through smuggling.

Gee, isn’t that what we have been saying for years now?

And, haven’t we been saying that Mexico has no intention of increasing their border security because it is essentially run by the drug and labor trafficking cartels, who partner with international terrorist organizations?

Moreover, the united States has “asylum loopholes” for illegal alien invaders who present at the border with a minor child and simultaneously claim asylum.

The loophole, avidly supported by our Congress, has created a new organized “business” where illegal alien invaders “temporarily trade their children” to other adult illegal alien invaders “in exchange for discounts from the cartel-linked coyotes.”

Basically, because our Congress fiercely supports these “asylum loopholes”, illegal alien invaders engage in child abuse and exploitation in order to enter the united States under false pretenses as these “esteemed” members of Congress blasted Trump for continuing to separate illegal alien invader children from their illegal alien invader parents as per the precedent set by two or three previous administrations.

Naturally, advocates for the continued illegal alien invasion of our quickly disappearing republic rale against closing these loopholes and are trying to block any deal with Mexico.

However, these advocates should know by now that Mexico has no intention of cooperating with the united States to shore up our own immigration laws and securing of our own southern border.  First, it’s not in Mexico’s best interest to do so.  Second, it is the constitutional authority of the united States legislature to protect and secure our borders.  Third, this “quarrel” between Mexico and the united States will be used to align the asylum stipulations in our immigration law with Mexico’s under some lame excuse involving “trade” and “being kind to our neighbors”.

Breitbart News continued:

U.S. officials are already sending some asylum-seeking migrants — approximately 6,000 — back to Mexico under the “Remain in Mexico” program prior to their immigration hearing in the United States. The program has survived one round of lawsuits, even as pro-migration groups highlighted cases of routine crime against the migrants who are remaining in Mexico.

Multiple business groups are opposing Trump’s tariff strategy, in part, because investors gain from the continued inflow of Central American workers, consumers, and renters.

One business group,, formed by West Coast Investors, including Mark Zuckerberg, has sought to preserve the continued influx of low-wage H-1B visa workers, and illegal alien invader workers and customers.  Todd Schulte, director of tweeted:

“Anyway — to be very precise, the goal is to blackmail Mexico into signing a “safe third country” agreement so President Trump can eliminate the current legal right of anyone who has come through Mexico to apply for asylum. Ending the entire asylum remains the goal.”

“If we are heading to 25% taxes paid by US consumers on these products, you can see how big the price will be for the Trump administration being very bad at border security and ensuring an orderly—and not cruel or chaotic—process.”

Schulte proceeded to list Mexico’s top 10 exports that would be affected by unconstitutionally imposed tariffs through a Trump edict (executive order).

In all this hot mess surrounding illegal alien invasion, there exists the “international asylum law” that requires individuals seeking asylum to ask for that asylum in the first country which they enter.  This means the united States can reject those illegal alien invaders coming from Central America through Mexico at our southern border when those invaders do not seek asylum from Mexico. “But, US law requires a formal ‘safe third country’ deal before a migrant can be sent back to the ‘first safe country’.”

Breitbart News explained:

For example, a Guatemalan migrant should seek asylum in Mexico under the “first safe country” rule, but once he reaches the United States, a “safe third country” deal would allow the United States to dismiss his asylum request and send him back to Mexico or offer a return to Guatemala. 

The United States has a “safe third country” deal with Canada. The deal allows U.S. border officers to reject asylum pleas from migrants who transit Canada to reach the U.S. border. That deal has prompted little protest from pro-migration progressives. 

The same deal allows Canadian officials to reject migrants who apply for asylum at Canadian border posts. However, a loophole in the U.S.-Canadian deal requires Canadian officials to consider asylum claims from migrants who cross the border illegally from the United States. 

It appears the congressional swamp, consisting of both major parties and a host of communists, socialists, and Marxists, have shafted the good citizens of this rapidly disappearing republic in order to pacify their corporate donors, corporate handlers, anti-constitutionalist supporters, and those Benedict Arnolds intent on the destruction of a free people.

Moreover, these same swamp dwellers and their above-listed cohorts demand that taxpaying citizens foot the bill for these illegal alien invaders through the welfare entitlement system.

Don’t you feel special?

What should outrage citizens of the united States, in addition to the unfettered illegal alien invasion being allowed to overwhelm our resources, is an almost government “dependence” on foreign nations to “help” the US secure its own borders.

All citizens should be up in arms over the existence of “asylum loopholes” that allow the illegal alien invasion of our sovereign nation passed by both Democrat and Republican members of Congress.

If memory serves correctly, there are millions of citizens falling under the “citizen militia” criteria, along with State guards, that could be called upon to secure our borders without any involvement of federal military troops, foreign nations, the United Nations or other “self-serving” entity.

This would be the Constitutional solution as well as closing “asylum loopholes”, holding officials declaring their cities, towns and States as “sanctuaries” to the law (charging, arresting, and prosecuting), ending the welfare/warfare State, and enforcing immigration law.

While our central government plays footsie with other nations’ leaders under some delusion that we all need to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”, citizens are being inundated with criminals, parasites, leeches and competitors for jobs in their communities while footing the bill for these invaders’ sustenance as they struggle to maintain their own heads above the economic water despite tax cuts.

Citizens are being sold a bill of goods that our borders cannot be secured without cooperation from foreign entities;  It’s bull.

Just the mention of using “force” at the border coupled with cessation of the welfare/warfare state is enough to send swamp dwellers and their cohorts’ heads a spinning with green vomit coming out of their mouths as they try to formulate some vile hateful vitriol of name-calling to include bigot, racist, isolationist, nationalist, supremacist, and a host of other labels intended to induce silence.  For them, the solution is not to end this invasion but to manage it.  You can’t manage a tsunami using a sandbag.  So, the solution is to maintain the status quo as a “tit for tat” verbal skirmish rages between Obrador and whatever swamp creature from the US responds.  Oh, and the “shiny” the media, Republicans, and Democrats have everyone focused upon could be part and parcel of a plan to deflect from our government’s allowance of the influence of foreign entities into US immigration law, essentially pushing our “sovereign” nation into some sort of “union” of North and Central American countries.

Be mindful that Trump has completely abandoned his campaign platform on immigration by backing a “Dreamer” solution that involves some type of citizenship, instead of enforcing the immigration law.

He has abandoned his campaign platform commitment to support the right of the people to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment to embrace bump stock bans, so-called “red flag laws” and confiscation without due process.

He has signed omnibus bills that continued to fund Planned Parenthood despite his announcement to do otherwise while throwing the blame back toward Congress.

Congress is to blame for certain in failing to pass lucrative constitutional government funding legislation without attaching Planned Parenthood funding to the bill, which should have been done since funding abortion is not an enumerated power of government meaning government should not provide funds to any entity outside its enumerated powers.

Remember, as well, that Trump is being presented as the “last hope” to maintain our republic against the evil Democrats and Hillary Clinton while Republicans have remained impotent, neutered eunuchs that can’t do squat but fan their Democratic masters.

One man in a republic has little power.

It is Congress, the legislative body, which holds the majority of the power, not the president (executive) or the Supreme Court (judicial).

Change comes from electing honorable constitutional Statesmen to the legislative body, instead of electing “cult of personality” individuals who cater to constituent popularity only to legislate for their donors and corporate handlers.

Real change comes from electing good, Christian, constitutional Statesmen to both chambers of Congress who honor their oath of office by holding to the laws of God then the laws of our republic.

Trump is just the latest in a long line of charlatans to occupy the Oval Office in the People’s House to “control” the opposition into inaction while the agenda continues forward, granted at a somewhat slower pace, but still forward moving into a depraved, immoral, unprincipled, valueless, crime-ridden, debt-enslaved, corrupt, government controlled mass of people who fear government reprisal more than God.

Trump is not the “last hope”, not by a long shot.

However, he might well be the last of supposed Republican presidents if citizens of the united States don’t dig their head out of their backsides to see what is happening and quit entertaining the lamestream entertainment enemedia and towing their preferred party line.

Friends, aren’t you tired of being played for a sucker?

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner

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