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Trump Backs House Spending Bill To Avoid Government Shutdown

President Donald Trump has backed the House short-term spending bill, which continues to have unconstitutional spending in it, in order to avoid a government shutdown.

Among some of the things cited by Trump for his support of the bill is funding for the military and an unconstitutional welfare program called the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“CHIP should be part of a long term solution, not a 30 Day, or short term, extension!” tweeted Trump.

No, it should be parents’ responsibility, not taxpayer’s.  Nowhere in our Constitution is there authority given to Congress to spend money for children’s health insurance.

Trump added that he also supported the bill for the funding of the military.

“A government shutdown will be devastating to our military…something the Dems care very little about!” he tweeted.

Breitbart adds that there are things that the people should be aware of if this bill goes through.

House Republican leadership proposed a stop-gap spending bill that will fund the government through February 16. The measure was offered in exchange for temporarily delaying several Obamacare taxes while funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years.

Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Politico that enough no votes remain to prevent a stop-gap spending bill from passing through the House, assuming no Democrats vote for the bill.

Meadows continued, arguing that the short-term spending bill would continue to hold the military hostage, and increase spending. Meadows added that the short-term spending bill would also allow the Senate more time to craft a watered-down Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal alien amnesty to the expense of conservatives who want funding for a southern border wall, as well as an end to chain migration and the diversity visa lottery.

It looks to me that CHIP and the military are the excuses being given for failing to do that right thing in the matter, and that is following Constitutional spending.

In fact, in writing about the potential government shutdown back in April 2017, here’s what I wrote:

“…the Constitution is not to be ignored by Congress or the President.  As Publius Huldah has succinctly pointed out, the way that we balance the federal budget is not via a balanced budget amendment, but restrict spending to the enumerated powers of the Constitution.

Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 3-16 itemizes the powers we delegated to Congress, and Congress may only spend money on the enumerated objects of its powers.

“Congress may spend money on operating a patent office because issuing patents and copyrights is an enumerated power delegated to Congress. See: Art. I, Sec. 8, cl. 8,” wrote Publius Huldah.  “But Congress is NOT authorized to appropriate funds to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink alcohol responsibly. That is not listed in the Constitution as an enumerated power of Congress.”

“Congress is NOT authorized to appropriate funds to provide medical care to old people or poor people,” she added.  “That is not listed in the Constitution as an enumerated power of Congress.”

So, when Trump and his team point to withholding Obamacare payments and grant money to states that don’t comply with the law (or not be handing out grants, period), it is acting within the confines of the Constitution.  When the defense of the country is at stake (again, defense, not nation building or empire building), that is also within the Constitution.”

The Freedom Caucus got blasted for standing against funding more socialized medicine in that little dance.  Sadly, Trump was one of the attackers.

I stand by my assertions now as I did then.  This compromising on unconstitutional spending and clear immigration law is unacceptable, and they all know it, but they don’t care.

When will the people make them care?

Fox News says people should keep their eyes on a few things as the vote nears:

The House will vote sometime in the early evening on the emergency spending package, which will fund the government through February 16. A senior GOP source tells Fox News, “The vote will be close unless we have a last-minute jailbreak.”

Some things to watch for over the next few hours:

1)            You know they are in trouble if the GOP pulls the bill. That means they don’t have the votes and need to come up with another plan.

2)            They are in trouble if the House recesses “subject to the call of the chair” and the “blue screen of death” pops up on TV monitors all over Capitol Hill. That means the House may be able to get the votes — but they’re not there yet, and need to do some more whipping.

3)            The bill outright fails on the House floor.

Keep in mind that Republicans only can lose 23 members on their side of the aisle and not have to turn to Democrats to pass the bill. That number probably will be a little lower — considering that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., is out and there will be other absences.

It would probably do us a whole lot of good to let the government shutdown take place.  First, when they tell us a partial shutdown is happening and all “non-essential workers and services” will not be available, we should immediately terminate those workers and services because, well, after all, they are “non-essential.”

I say we should keep our eye on the Constitution to see if any of that spending is constitutional, which we know there’s quite a bit that isn’t.

We need someone who actually has the guts to run the clock out and not bow to political pressure in order to secure true constitutional spending.

I’m doubtful we’re going to see that either, and what’s worse is that the American people believe that it’s just fine for Congress and the president to violate the Constitution openly right in their faces and claim they are doing it for America!

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a Christian and lover of liberty, a husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows" and jack of all trades. He lives in the US-Occupied State of South Carolina, is the Editor at, and and; and also broadcasts on The Sons of Liberty radio weekdays at 6am EST and Saturdays at 8am EST. Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, and USALife.

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