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Trump, Bundy and National Insanity

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Published on: January 28, 2016

Over past weeks, Donald Trump and Ammon Bundy have made critical errors in judgment.  Mr. Trump finally proves conclusively what many have maintained all along: he lacks the character, judgment and sincerity to be president.  Mr. Bundy’s actions and decisions have led to a Mormon committing ‘FBI-assisted suicide’ and constitutional Militia being further stigmatized in the public mind.

First let me set out the trigger of the Bundy’s Oregon drama.  The Hammonds are father and son ranchers, wrongly imprisoned on ‘terrorism’ charges for making a controlled burn on their ranch — a so-called ‘backfire’, to protect their homestead from a raging fire set nearby, by the Bureau of Land Management.  The Hammonds advised the Bundys that they did not want their ‘help’, but the Bundys did not care.  They seek national media exposure as a moth seeks a flame.

Glenn Beck’s Cult – Bundy Jumping for Attention

Cliven Bundy is the Mormon patriarch of a misguided movement that began at his ranch two years ago.  That movement has sucked in many people that I consider like-minded with me – TEA Party supporters, Oath Keepers members and supporters, and Americans who believe the constitutional Citizen Militia must be restored.

‘Bundy Jumping’ is no way to achieve any of those goals, as I will explain.  This article will be rather long, and it will include a politically incorrect discussion of Mormonism in our midst.  The schizophrenia of the American people’s acceptance of Mormonism and revulsion of Mohammedanism, needs to be pointed out.

The Bundy family’s antics have confused and misdirected many constitutionalists. Now, Lavoy Finicum has been ‘murdered in cold blood by rogue FBI agents’ — or he finally attained his heart’s desire.  Read this analysis, and you decide.  But the more important lesson from all this is: will Americans now wake up from our national insanity, and do our duty at last?

First, note the words of Cliven Bundy, patriarch of the group, in response to Finicum’s death: “I have some sons and other people there trying to protect our rights and liberties and freedoms, and now we’ve got one killed…all I can say is, he’s sacrificed for a good purpose.”

Free State…By Invasion?

Who granted Cliven Bundy the authority to protect the rights and liberties and freedoms of the people of Oregon?  His vigilantes are violating common sense, Oregon state sovereignty, and the intent of the Constitution!

His misdirected vigilantes have as much constitutional authority as the so-called ‘Free State Project’ gaggle had constitutional authority to descend on New Hampshire from all over America, to capture the state for their secession cause.  What must the people of Oregon and New Hampshire think of such groups descending on them?  I’ll wager they don’t feel that their ‘rights, liberties and freedoms’ are being served by a caravan of outsiders coming in uninvited to ‘make a stand’ in their state!

That’s right: the Bundy Bunch was not invited to Oregon, nor were the ‘Free State Project’ immigrants invited into New Hampshire.  This is simply a display of the desperation bordering on insanity, that now grips the American people.

Granted, the BLM and FBI are violating the Constitution and conducting themselves as thugs.  But this nonsense does not help matters; it is confusing, misdirecting, and radicalizing desperate Americans.  It is not only ignorant; it is cruel as well.

Welcome to Your Harem and Hollow Planet

Full disclosure here.  As a Christian, I believe the Bible so I admit my profound prejudice against the Mormon cult, to which the Bundys and Finicums belong.  I have always maintained that Glenn Beck, Willard Romney, Orrin Hatch, Harry Reid and other well-known Mormons cannot possibly exercise good judgment because their bizarre cult is a form of insanity.

To be fair, I say exactly the same about Muslims and Hindus.  One needs only consider Hindu or Muslim cultures to see the disastrous truth in Richard Weaver’s dictum that ideas have consequences.

But unlike Islam and Hinduism, Mormonism is home-grown in the American West.  It is our own curse to deal with; and my point here is that too many Christians refuse to deal with it while simultaneously hating the guts of every Muslim.

If you’ve ever had them at your door, you know how friendly and determined a Mormon can be.  Still, as a Christian I find their cult’s teachings repulsive, bizarre, and clearly destructive to American civilization:

– God was once a man

– Christ is Satan’s brother and He had several wives

– The Bible is incomplete, and Joe Smith’s ‘Book of Mormon’ is the only true scripture

– Black people were made that way as a punishment from God

– The Indian tribes here in America are actually wandering Jews

– Mormons have special underwear

– Mormon men should have many wives, and the wives should be happy about it

– When the cult’s men die, they go to a hollow planet called Kolob to live as gods with a harem of wives

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.  Bizarre.  Look it up for yourself, but make sure not to fall for Mormon propaganda sites.  There are also many books on Amazon, written by former Mormons.  As the stories of any former cult member, these are truly sad stories; yet Americans look the other way at this bizarre group, for the sake of being friendly to nice people.  Admittedly, Mormons have the ‘nice’ thing down to a science.  They are trained this way to get in your door; they use this ‘Christian’ charm to woo people in the foreign ‘mission field’ as well.

Mormon ‘churches’ are found in almost every town; their PR billboards pop up everywhere.  Their national spokesmen serve in Congress, in every statehouse, in talk radio and TV, and more.  A cult that sprang out of the mind of the lunatic Joseph Smith; an American.

While not as murderous as Islam, as you see, it promulgates far more bizarre teachings about God, the Bible, and mankind than does the cult of Mohammed.

So.  For the sake of being ‘nice’, Americans engage in a sort of national insanity: allow a bizarre, execrable cult to become well established in every city, but throw hissy fits when Muslims attempt to follow suit!

All of that to say this: any faithful member of the cult of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young is as out to lunch as any faithful Hindu or Muslim.  Not all belief systems are ‘equal’ because they affect basic human culture, law, government and social mores.  America’s system is founded on biblical Christianity — not on the perverted Vatican cult variation or the Mormon cult’s variation, and this does indeed make a difference!

Okay.  We got that elephant out of the way.  Too many Christians wonder why Glenn Beck is so maddeningly inconsistent; I suggest that all insane people are so.  And a true Mormon is insane, to my way of thinking anyway.

A person’s deepest allegiances matter.  If that deepest allegiance is not to God or the Bible — or even to America — but to a lunatic universe from the mind of Joseph Smith?  I think that matters.


Lavoy Finicum, Romance Author

Now consider the second aspect of this Bundy circus: ‘murder victim’ Lavoy Finicum.  Incidentally, I wonder where Mormons get these interesting names? Anyway, one can hardly miss the fact that Mr. Finicum had a highly developed passion for romance, even aside from Joseph Smith’s cult teachings.

To “sacrifice…for a good purpose” as the elder Bundy put it, is not far-fetched. Based on eyewitness statements, Finicum shouted to FBI agents, “well, shoot me in the head, then”, and, “you’re gonna have to shoot me”; which is consistent with Finicum’s romantic novel that conveys his sense of destiny as much as any suicide note could do:

Civil War: Washington D.C. vs. America

So there’s that.  Not all belief systems are equal, and America’s systems of faith in God, of law and governance, and of family structure and culture are definitely not Muslim or Hindu — nor are they Mormon.

Now I will grant the Bundy Bunch one premise: Washington D.C. is an unaccountable city-state and a lawless empire that holds America hostage.

As this 6-minute video explains, there exists no constitutional ‘federal land’ except the 10-by-10 mile square of land called the District of Columbia, and any lands for military installations purchased from the states with their legislatures’ approval.  That is stipulated in the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

One can ethically and morally set aside the BLM and FBI in the constitutional matter; neither agency is authorized in the Constitution nor can they be reasonably inferred from anything in the Constitution.  More fundamentally, Washington D.C. is illegally occupying 640 million acres of state public lands, and this occupation and plunder must stop.

Surely there are millions of sovereign people of foreign lands who can say the same about their island nation, or their sovereign lands now occupied by the U.S. military, entirely in violation of our Constitution.  Others would look the other way for the sake of ‘jobs’.  This un-American plunder by imperial force is a longstanding international crime since William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt.  It cannot stand forever.  Nor can this occupation of most of the American West.

The question is: are there enough Americans with 9th grade reading comprehension and civics, to do the right thing from now on?

The video explains that to restore rule of law, a critical mass of ‘We The People’ (a few thousand in each state would more than suffice) must basically force our servants in the state legislatures to reclaim all public lands currently occupied by Washington D.C. in violation of the Constitution.  This is not an ‘event’ for vigilantes to descend on a particular town from all over the republic; that is NOT constitutional Militia.

Our state legislatures must cease violating the Constitution, as the video explains. Congress has a perpetual duty BY LAW to “Provide for…arming…the Militia” and every State has a perpetual duty BY LAW to appoint the Militia officers and provide training. Not a single ‘militia’ organization, to my knowledge, is pursuing the Constitution; instead, they are reacting to the most lawless, powerful city-state on earth, by raising their pop guns in the air in defiance.

Good luck with that.

Stuck on Zombie Apocalypse

If our State legislatures were obeying the Constitution today, would the People be up in arms and the States rattling their sabers through governors’ offices and State attorneys general? Of course not.

The basic fact of life — we must restore true constitutional Citizen Militia — has been preached for over 30 years by scholar Jon Roland of Texas and Virginia constitutional attorney and author Edwin Vieira.  These men have written and taught tirelessly for decades. Like Ron Paul’s constitutional preaching about economics and foreign policy.  But Americans refuse to listen.

Most Americans are locked in a death-spiral.  It is national insanity; they know that everything is all wrong but they don’t know what to do about it.  They sense that abortion is indeed murder and that sexual perversion is indeed corrosive to civilization, but they don’t dare say so in public.  They know that Social Security, Medicare, Federal Unemployment Compensation, prescription drugs and Obamacare are all not only illegal, but have financially ruined Washington D.C. and its taxpayer patrons to the tune of several hundred TRILLION dollars, a debt that will be impossible to pay.

Of course, the truly insane person does not acknowledge his condition or know how to correct it. Our mission to the American people is designed to minister to a people who have long lived in total ignorance of our Constitution and our history.  There is work to be done; actions to be taken.  It will take a generation or more to restore what Washington D.C. and its billionaire owners have stolen over five generations.

A Workbook for Restoring America

This free PDF book offers remedial help in history, civics, and the Constitution.  Read it, to understand why America has fallen to this abysmal point and how we will dig back out.

Appendix F of the book offers a synopsis of almost 70 vital books; that section alone is worth the download.  I commend it to you; it will replace your fear and confusion with solid resources having everything to do with facts of history, the Constitution, economics and Scripture — and nothing at all to do with aliens and conspiracy theories.

The 4th Edition is due out in February, and will reflect the town-by-town tactical plan described in the video linked above.  That new tactical twist is a direct result of the lunacy of Trump, Bundy, and the BLM gone too far.

Trumping Himself

I’ll bet you wondered how I would bring Donald Trump into all this.

Trump has been playing a hand dealt him by the TEA Party movement and millions of Americans similarly situated, in single-issue affinity groups.  Righteously angry at our domestic enemy Washington D.C., they see Mr. Trump’s show of anger as indication that a President Trump would change the world.

Well, of course he would.  But the fellow is a game show host.  A serial bankrupt and adulterer.  A salesman’s salesman, yet with the vocabulary and emotional equipment of a kindergarten bully.  In office, he could make a perfect Adolf Hitler, Teddy Roosevelt, or Attila the Hun, if his public pronouncements are any indication. A Trump administration would deliver international intrigue, disaster, and embarrassment on the order of a Dubya Bush or a Hussein Obama.

Please don’t give me grief about nicknames. President Thomas Wilson is universally called ‘Woodrow’ (his middle name), and nobody seems to even know Willard Romney’s first name.  ‘Hussein’ conveys Obama’s allegiance more adequately than ‘Barack’, although both names are foreign gibberish to me.  I’ll stick with Hussein Obama, Woodrow Wilson, and Dubya Bush.

But back to the Trump brand.  Consider the fellow’s judgment; the damage he has done his campaign by lack of judgment and self-control.  On the campaign trail in Sioux Center Iowa last Saturday, Trump rather breathtakingly blurted, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” Afaux pas worthy of Joe Biden, it will prove deliciously ironic, as Trump bleeds ‘voters’ by the millions.  And if that breathtaking arrogance didn’t expose Trump’s appalling lack of judgment to his fawning followers, his recent display of ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, might.

In an interview with Field & Stream Magazine last week, when asked about increasing tensions between the western states and Washington D.C., Trump came down in favor of continued D.C. occupation of state public lands.  Trump pretends to stand against Washington D.C.’s arrogant lawlessness, but in this egregious case of its violating the U.S. Constitution in occupying, holding, or claiming state lands — Trump only alluded to the valuable minerals and other natural resources belonging to those states and their citizens, as if they are rightly D.C.’s to keep.

Trump is a surreal reality show.  His desperate, angry followers are oblivious to his obvious ignorance of the Constitution or common courtesy and decorum among adults in the civilized world.  A petulant child in the schoolyard strikes them as just the ticket for today.  A soulless pragmatist with a big stick, short temper, and uncanny PR sense (until recently) suits them just fine.

In a sense, Trump is a man for millions of Americans.  An irreverent, brassy populist embodiment of the dark side of social media today, filled with anonymous antagonism and flame-wars that are the moral and ethical equivalent of rioting gangs throwing Molotov cocktails through windows, and the devil take the hindmost.

Donald Trump — like the Bundys — are chilling portents of the anarchy that will grip America as it now grips every corner of Europe. Sensing the people’s anger and anguish, these celebrities play to the cameras for very high stakes.  They toy with the future of this republic.

This is not personal, you see; it is national.  The personal track records, deepest beliefs, and intemperate lack of judgment of Trump and Bundy could affect us all, and generations to come, if we do not exercise wisdom and common sense.

However strong the Trump family brand may be, The Donald will hardly restore America.  Is he voicing many things that most of us think?  Of course; so does every Fear Porn peddler in the ‘conservative talk’ racket.  Do these celebrities accomplish anything for America, or do they concentrate on making revenues for their brand?

We The People must show discernment.  Trump will no more ‘make America great’ than Bundy will restore constitutional Militia or return sovereign state lands.  What we face, we must face as individuals, communities, and states first.  The Savior of America is, and always was, Jesus Christ.  We do not need politicians or vigilantes with flaming torches, to ‘save’ us into anarchy.

A Civics Review

John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the U.S. supreme Court and one of the authors of The Federalist Papers, wrote in his 1793 ruling in Chisolm v. Georgia that, “The people are Sovereign. …at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the People and they are truly the sovereigns of the country…the Citizens of America are equal as fellow Citizens and as joint tenants in the sovereignty.” 

From the opening words of the Constitution, We The People set down rule of law.  We create, define, and severely limit the powers of our servant federal government, by that law.

Generations of government school, mainstream media, and force of arms have inverted the sovereign-servant roles.  The republic totters on the edge of self-destruction.  Every country in Europe faces a similar fate.

Meanwhile, new circuit-sinewed generations are growing up in Russia, China, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.  The world’s youth are questioning the lies that their parents took for truth.  By the grace of God and the force-massing power of social media, ours is an historic age, as was the European world lit only by fire, when the printing press came to overturn it all.

We would be fools to squander this, God’s gift of technology.  Ancient Egypt, Persia, Athens and Rome were never blessed as we are, standing on the lessons of their ruins, and blessed with Christ and the Constitution.

On these two pillars the LORD may yet see restore the greatest civilization in history, despite our profound rebellion.

We The People suffer every kind of felony, arrogance, indignity and perfidy at the hands of our lawless servants.  This is the judgment of a just and merciful God.  We have a duty to repent; to stop hiding in foxholes; to leave off the predictions of Armageddon.  We must cease arguing online like petulant children while refusing to do our duty as responsible adults.

We have the constitutional authority to restore our rule of law, but the TEA Party movement and many others have not yet appreciated that popular sovereignty demands far more than voting — that small aspect of American citizenship.

Here is our unique blessing, true popular sovereignty given to us by the blood of our fathers.  How long will we sit idly in the ruins of our civilization?

I hope I have splashed water in your face, fellow Christian. Restoring our rule of law will take a generation because our fathers put off the duty for many generations. As with raising children or maintaining a homestead, there is joy and deep satisfaction in duty.

Please consider joining us, right in your own town.  Even a very small group can seed liberty in your town and mine.  We dare not seek national saviors.  We dare not squander more time, money, gasoline and goodwill in caravan ‘events’ in D.C. or some rural vigilante theater. We dare not waste more years on secession talk, either; that already failed us once.

They have divided and conquered us long enough.  We Americans are strongest when we stand together against all enemies.

Now to face our biggest enemy…ourselves.

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