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Trump Caves: Pushes Back Deportment of Illegals Scheduled For This Weekend

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Published on: June 22, 2019

And here we go again, more promises broken.  After President Donald Trump declared that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would remove illegal aliens who have court orders for deportation, which would be enforcing the law, he backpeddled on that promise and now is opening up the door to more “talks” with Congress on reaching a “solution,” and we all know what that means in the end… amnesty.

Keith Griffith reports:

President Donald Trump has said that he is delaying planned enforcement actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to remove thousands of illegal immigrants who have court orders for deportation.

‘At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!’ Trump said in a tweet on Saturday afternoon.

Enforcement raids had been scheduled to begin at dawn on Sunday in at least 10 major cities, drawing furious protests from local Democrat officials who vowed to fight the deportations.

Trump had been adamant that the raids would go forward as recently as Saturday morning, and his stunning reversal on the ICE raids comes amid a tumultuous week in which it was revealed that he pulled back on a planned strike against Iran at the last minute after learning the casualty projections.

“These are people that came into the country illegally – they’ve been served and gone through a process of the courts. They have to be removed from the country, and they will be removed from the country,” Trump told reporters on Saturday morning while departing for Camp David.

“Everybody that came into the country illegally will be brought out of the country, very legally,” he continued.

“Some cities are going to fight it, but if you notice they’re generally high crime cities. If you look at Chicago… many of those cities are sanctuary cities and they’re high-crime cities,” Trump said, referencing several Democratic mayors who vowed to fight the enforcement action.

So, Congress has had two years to provide a “solution” and not one has been given, neither under Democrats nor Republicans.

The solution, as always, would be to enforce the law, not negotiate with terrorists, and that is what Trump is doing here with Democrats.

Is this another “I’ll have my attorney general appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Hillary Clinton” thing?

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), as far as I know, was the only major news source that predicted the cave and urged Americans to encourage the president to do the right thing and enforce the law.

In an email sent out on Saturday, ALIPAC wrote the following:

Four days ago, the mainstream and alternative news sources were abuzz with Trump’s announcement he would start mass deporting illegal immigrantsstarting tomorrow on Sunday, June 23.

ALIPAC put out an immediate press release accurately refuting Trump’s claims titled “Trump’s new threat to deport millions of illegals Likely a Lie” (View Here) The release pointed out that ALIPAC is already tracking more than 10 lies from Trump on the immigration issues that elected him (View List) and that Trump already told this same lie to America many times before during his campaign in 2016.

ALIPAC’s press release was treated with silence by the mainstream media and conservative news sources such as Breitbart News, World Net Daily, Daily Caller, and Drudge Report while many Trump supporters accused ALIPAC of lying about Trump on social media. (View Here)

Now the media is confirming that ALIPAC’s prediction was correct! Trump lied again and has announced a two-week delay in his fake deportation ploy in an effort to pressure Democrats to come up with legislative Amnesty for illegals that will grant them reprieve from the current immigration laws of the United States which require their deportation.

“Trump already broke his promise to mass deport illegals and many other important promises. Why should anyone believe him now?” asked William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Instead of deporting illegals, fining employers, and deporting illegals as he promised, Trump has focused on working to pass Amnesty legislation with his lifelong Democrat son-in-law and Sr. White House advisor Jared Kushner. Obama secured the border, deported illegals, and fined employers more than Trump, unfortunately for us all!”

ALIPAC continued in their email:

ALIPAC has been fighting hard to warn Trump voters of the Trump-Kushner-Graham-Durbin Amnesty trick afoot in which Republicans talk about tough legislation on border security only to sneak Amnesty into the bill at the last minute where Donald J Trump has signaled he will sign it.

Many Trump supporters have no idea this is happening, and they refuse to believe that Trump would ever sign such an amnesty deal since Trump’s numerous lies and posturing has caused mass confusion among his remaining base.

Recent news reports indicated that the Trump administration has fined fewer employers of illegals than Obama, with only 11 fined last year, which follows reports Trump’s hotels and golf courses have continued to hire illegals long after he became President.

Obama’s deportation numbers were higher than Trump’s as well, and fewer illegal immigrants entered America yearly under Obama than the new historic levels being assisted into America by the Trump administrations Border Patrol and DHS resources.

ALIPAC is racing to inform Trump voters about how Donald J. Trump has betrayed them all and seeks to displace millions of them in future US elections, with illegal immigrants converted into Democrat voters by the Trump-Kushner-Graham-Schumer Amnesty plot of 2019.

For more information about the effort to stop Trump from signing a new sneaky Amnesty bill like the one he signed in the secretive budget bill HJ Res 31 on February 15, 2019, please visit

I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to wake up.  Congress does not need to act for the president to enforce the law and the court ordered deportations which he had in hand.

Why is he not enforcing the law?  That should be the question here, but sadly, people will just point fingers at the writer or ALIPAC, or pick their political party to subscribe to rather than simply support the law.

Unless America gets back to supporting the Constitution over a man or a party, we are doomed.

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