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Trump Has Already Destroyed the GOP

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Published on: February 24, 2016

2016 was always set to be a watershed election.  After Obama took office in 2009, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress (with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.) They could’ve done anything, including push through an endless barrage of Constitutional amendments.  Instead, they went for the soft, compassionate underbelly by pushing through attempted Universal Healthcare with a liberty-destroying individual mandate (today, its Orwellian name is the “Shared Responsibility Payment.”)  The supreme Court showed it was in the tank for Obama’s lawless junta by at first determining the individual mandate was NOT a tax, in order to hear the case before a tax could be collected.  But during the case, the supreme Court redefined what Obamacare clearly calls a “penalty” to be a “tax” in order to find that some heretofore-unheard-of provision of the Constitution makes Obamacare indeed Constitutional because its mandate was in fact a tax!

This all culminated in 2010 when the Tea Parties were instrumental in electing a Republican majority and removing Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker of the House.  It would take until 2012 for enough seats in the Senate to change hands, but that year also saw Barack Obama re-elected with Black voters refusing to abandon their exotic messiah, even after he had “evolved” on sodomite “marriage.”  The supreme Court again weighed in by affirming Obama’s evolution, declaring DOMA to be unconstitutional (which it was not, as per the “full faith and credit” clause,) and they declared every ordinary person who was raised to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman to be motivated by “animus,” or filled with hate.  In 2012, the Republicans chose Mitt Romney (a Mormon) as their champion to defeat Obama.  Romney not only supported abortion and implemented same-sex marriage as Governor of Massachusetts, but he also signed into law “Romneycare” as a Statewide universal healthcare program with its own individual mandate, which was already being used as the model for Obamacare.  Naturally, Romney, (the multi-millionaire who couldn’t explain the advantages of paying less taxes to voters,) lost that race.  And so, the nation continued its lurch toward Communism, and today the concept of socialistic and virtueless government has become acceptable to millenials in both parties.  The days of Eugene McCarthy and inquisitions by the House Unamerican Activities Committee are long-gone.  The anti-communism of Democrats like John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman are no longer in the current consciousness.  Today, the Democrats’ presidential primary is a toss-up between (Alinsky understudy) Hillary Clinton and a 74-year-old Marxist named Bernie Sanders, who would also be the first “Jewish” President (although the Torah, as passed down by Moses, does not seem to be part of his worldview.)

The party which exists to provide an alternative to America’s eagerness to give Soviet-style Communism another try is the GOP.  At first, the surest nominee was an Obama-hugging moderate named Chris Christie, followed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, but both of these faded quickly when J.E.B. Bush went against his own mother’s advice and decided to try to become the third person in his family elected President.  Things looked at the time to be a re-match of 1992’s Bush v. Clinton (where Clinton won,) but there were a few twists still to come.  More people joined the Republican primary field, to number as much as 17 on the national stage (and scores more whose names we will never know.)  But the one name that stole the spotlight from them all was Donald Trump, a billionaire who has found a way to keep his name in national headlines since the 80s, and who is most famously known for a reality TV show where people competed to prove they’d make good entrepreneurs, and at the end of each show, Trump got to tell one contestant, “You’re fired!”  But as a Republican candidate, Trump was even worse than both Christie and Romney.  His only conservative virtues were that he had openly questioned Obama’s qualifications as a “natural born citizen,” and he seized upon the fact that many Americans (especially Tea Partiers) were opposed to illegal immigration.  So, Trump picked up where the GOP field left off in 2012 and began declaring that he would build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it.

But back when Scott Walker was still the favorite of most Republicans, Trump threw down the biggest threat imaginable to the GOP–the possibility that he would split off those anti-amnesty Republicans (as well as several Independents and conservative Democrats) by running 3rd party.  Like Ross Perot in ‘92 and ‘96, Trump’s billionaire status made the threat very real that such a move would cost the GOP the election.  Therefore, when he complained that if he wasn’t treated better, he would leave the party and run as an independent, the GOP caved and begged him to stay.  The only concession they could get from him is that he wouldn’t run as an independent.  Yet Trump is still making occasional threats to do so (as well as to sue other candidates who criticize him) if by some chance he doesn’t waltz away with the nomination.

Despite all his whining, repeated offensive remarks, and utter lack of conservative values, Trump is very much in the lead. Contrary to popular myth, the GOP is not dominated by evangelical Christians, but is instead dominated by an unstable coalition of moderates, fiscally “conservative” libertarians, national security hawks, and a few Reagan Democrats who simply don’t like the job-killing, environmentalist Marxism that is taking over the Democrat Party.  Having begun as the Party of Lincoln, most Republicans are still apoplectic when Leftists call them “racists,” simply for not wanting to open the vaults of the U.S. Treasury to constantly fund the never-satiated poor, or to kowtow to the endless train of minority organizations dedicated to taking opportunities away from Whites, males, and overachievers.  The most likely nominees in both major parties, ironically, are White.  And only Hillary Clinton is not a male, (although she seems to be losing ground to Bernie Sanders, who is!)

But Trump represents another threat to the GOP, aside from a possible 3rd party run.  When it is pointed out that Trump is not even close to conservative (having in the past supported abortion, same-sex marriage, and having recently supported Obamacare’s individual mandate,) Trump supporters have not wavered.  The more asinine remarks he makes, the more tenaciously they defend him.  Every attack on him, they say, is proof that Trump is just type of fighter we need in Washington.  Furthermore, some ultra-conservatives who despise the GOP’s liberalism and spinelessness support him because they say while Trump may not be the Constitutionalist they’d like, he is the most likely person to bring about the demise of the GOP.  This should give us the greatest alarm, because this demise is an imminent reality.  In fact, there is nothing that can be done to stop it.   Whether or not Trump wins the GOP nomination, his presence in the race has successfully widened the already-existing fissures between the GOP establishment, the Christian Coalition, and the Tea Party.  The Democrats have been aware of this for some time, and that is why I believe they placed Trump in the race to begin with—to ensure his good friend Hillary’s coronation.  And should she fail again to win her party’s nomination, Trump is there as her insurance policy to defeat Bernie.  If Trump wins the White House, his recent moves to the Left show that he will not be a conservative President.  With the exception of building a wall, he will most likely continue Obama’s liberal policies, and he might take some of them even FURTHER to the Left.  So, Trump’s inevitable nomination will probably cause the Christian Coalition to finally wake up to the fact that the GOP never really wanted their votes to begin with.  They may go form their own party, or they may become like Jehovah’s Witnesses who refuse to vote altogether.  Trump’s record as being anti-illegal-immigrant may cause the mainstream of the GOP to be successfully labeled as “xenophobic” or even “fascist,” which might further alienate supporters of Bush, Rubio, and other “Gang-of-8” establishment types from the party.  And if Trump doesn’t govern as a fiscal conservative or eliminate Obamacare’s individual mandate (which there is no indication that he will,) his support for TARP and the bank bailouts is likely to annihilate what’s left of the Tea Parties.

The saddest part is that the GOP had no choice but to sign its own death warrant by allowing Trump to run.  As soon as he announced he might run, the GOP knew it was 1992 all over again.  Conservatism in America has been flatlining for a hundred years, and Reagan was but a solitary blip on the heart monitor.  Trump’s intent was never to save America from its descent into Marxism, and so it will continue.  After Trump, Democrats will still be united over their contempt for limited government and morality, and Black voters will still be calling Republicans “racists.”  Trump is there to make sure the GOP goes down with that anti-historical label around its neck.  Trump isn’t pro-life, he won’t defend marriage, he won’t defend religious liberty, and he doesn’t believe in limited government.  No matter what happens in November, we are sure to have a Democrat as our next President–whether it’s Hillary, Bernie, or Trump.  And with the right October surprise, the Congress could fall back into the hands of the Socialists, so that we’ll be facing 2009 all over again.  The GOP (and conservatism with it) are dead.

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