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Trump: “If Rubio Ever Got Elected, You Would Have People Flowing Across the Border”

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Published on: July 13, 2015

You have to give it to Donald Trump, he’s not going to back down on an issue he thinks resonates with many Americans.

Trump recently had a very testy interview on NBC where he not only defended his immigration comments but doubled down on them, saying that illegal immigrants were “flowing across the border like water.”

Near our southern border with Mexico Trump has many supporters and many detractors, as NBC recently explained in a short segment.

Many observers wonder if Trump is shooting himself in the foot with his focus on illegal immigration, but his poll numbers seem to suggest otherwise as he continues his rise. If Trump’s stance on immigration isn’t killing him with voters, what does that mean for the majority of the GOP field who have turned against Trump and his comments? If many Americans do indeed support what Trump is saying and doing… will these same American continue to support the candidates attacking Trump? Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham and others have launched all out assaults on Trump in recent days, and if public opinion continues to flow in Trump’s direction, their strategy may end up sinking their candidacies.

Meanwhile, Trump continues with the media rounds to defend himself and call attention to the problem of illegal immigration. On CNN this past Thursday Trump praised his fellow GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz before lambasting another rival, Marco Rubio.

On Ted Cruz:

“I have great respect for the fact he had the courage to back me up and say what I am saying is right. All I am saying, all he is saying is that, we have to stop illegal immigration. It’s causing tremendous problems including crime and he came out the other day. Strongly.” 

On Marco Rubio:

“Marco Rubio is somebody who is extremely weak on immigration. He only toughened has stance because his poll numbers were going down. If he ever got elected you would have people flowing across the border.”

On Jeb Bush:

“Bush is weak on immigration, forget about his stance on Common Core which is a total disaster, he’s very weak on immigration. And that’s his prerogative if he wants to be, but he doesn’t get it.”

On Rick Perry:

“The fact is he was the Governor of Texas, the border is a disaster, he could have done much more as Governor of Texas to make the border stronger.”


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