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Trump Maintains Promise to Not Keep Salary – Donates First-Quarter Earnings to National Park Service

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Published on: April 3, 2017

If you recall, President Donald Trump said he had no interest in the salary that comes with being president.  He offered to take $1 if that is the minimum he could receive, but by law, he has to accept the $400,000 annual salary that comes with the job.  So, in keeping with his promise, Trump donated his first quarter earnings to the National Park Service.

“The President has spoken with counsel and made the decision to donate his first-quarter salary, in total, to a government entity, and he has chosen this quarter to donate it to the National Park Service,” said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The total contributed to the National Park Service is $78,333 before taxes.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was happy about the contribution.

“We are going to dedicated it to put against the infrastructure on our nation’s battlefields,” Mr. Zinke said.

“I am thrilled at the President’s decision to donate the check he did today,” Zinke said, adding that he will use the money to support “the infrastructure on our nation’s battlefields. We’re about $100 (million) or $229 million behind in deferred maintenance on our battlefields alone, and that’s on our 25 national battlefields. And we’re excited about that opportunity.”

The president’s salary is set by statute:

The President shall receive in full for his services during the term for which he shall have been elected compensation in the aggregate amount of $400,000 a year, to be paid monthly, and in addition an expense allowance of $50,000 to assist in defraying expenses relating to or resulting from the discharge of his official duties. Any unused amount of such expense allowance shall revert to the Treasury pursuant to section 1552 of title 31, United States Code. No amount of such expense allowance shall be included in the gross income of the President. He shall be entitled also to the use of the furniture and other effects belonging to the United States and kept in the Executive Residence at the White House.

Frankly, I don’t understand donating the money to a government agency that engages in unconstitutional actions against the Constitution and the people of the united States, but I do appreciate the fact that Trump is keeping his word here.  It’s quite refreshing considering the eight years we’ve had to endure from Barack Hussein Obama “I take million dollar vacations on your dime” Soetoro Sobarkah and his wife, Michelle.

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