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Trump: “Reporters Creating Violence By Not Writing The Truth”

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Published on: November 3, 2018

Once again, President Donald Trump called out those who knowingly present fake news and distort the news to the point that they actually engage in lying, and that lying has consequences, sometimes deadly ones.  “The fake news is creating violence,” Trump said.

Trump’s response to ABC News correspondent Karen Travers’ questions about the CIA-tied Washington Post poll that claims that 49% of the people believe Trump encourages politically motivated violence apparently ruffled her feathers and others from the Fake News Network, CNN.

“Reminder that earlier this week, Sarah Sanders said “The president is not placing blame,” tweeted Travers.  “Today he points a finger at me and says, “You’re creating violence by your question. You are creating – you.”

“No, no, you know what? You’re creating violence by your question. You are creating–you,” said Trump.

“And also, a lot of reporters are creating violence by not writing the truth,” he continued.  “The fake news is creating violence. And you know what? The people that support Trump, and the people the support us, which is a lot of people, most people, those people know when a story is true, and they know when a story is false.”

The president added, “I’ll tell you what–if the media would write correctly, and write accurately, and write fairly, you’d have a lot less violence in the country.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper chimed in as well.

“‘The fake news is creating violence,’ POTUS says. ‘If the media…would write accurately,…you’d have a lot less violence in the country.’ Last week one of his supporters was arrested for sending IEDs to people POTUS constantly attacks on the stump, including CNN,” tweeted Tapper.

Is Tapper a complete idiot?  Seriously.  Cesar Sayoc has been proven to be a false flag agent and his support for Trump was nothing more than a mask in order to allow people like Tapper to point the finger at Trump.  Tapper just did in that tweet the very thing that President trump was calling out.

Jake Tapper, YOU are the face of fake news CNN.  You and Don Lemon.  The fake news of CNN spans decades and is documented.

When are these people actually going to get it right?  I’m guessing never.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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