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Trump was Right… Again: Migrants in Sweden did Riot, Loot & Fight with Police

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Published on: February 21, 2017

The media has been all over themselves in an attempt to dismiss the claims of President Donald Trump concerning attacks in Sweden by migrants.  However, there is more than enough evidence to demonstrate what he said was true.

Here’s Trump’s tweet calling them out on their fake news.

“Give the public a break – The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large-scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully.  NOT!” Trump tweeted.

However, look at what we found at (translation provided by Google)

It was Monday evening very unsettled in the immigrant-dominated suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm. Police officers were subjected to stone throwing, warning shots were fired, shops were looted, shopkeepers were beaten and several cars set on fire. A large number of police officers were deployed to quell the violence.

The unrest will begin at 20:18 in connection with a police patrol will arrest a wanted person at the metro station in Rinkeby.

– Then it pops up a number of people starts throwing stones at police. The police feel repressed as the fires warning shots. A policeman hit on the arm by a thrown stone, and it is unclear injured mode right now, says Lars Bystrom at Stockholm police for free times.

The unrest in the district continues during the evening and posted as assaulting a police officer and rioting. Quarter to ten notifies police that at least one car on fire.

– We assist the emergency services when they go back and check a car fire, says Bystrom.

Photos from the scene show that a number of cars is in flames. Greater Stockholm fire department does not want to answer questions about the extent of the fires.

Take a look at a few videos.

Then there is this commentary by “A Swede Speaks” on YouTube.

Trump’s statements and the media turning a blind eye to what has been going on in Sweden is nothing new.  For instance, since Sweden began to allow Islamic immigration, sex attacks have skyrocketed 70%.  Not only that, but the raping of men by other men has been occurring there, as well as sexual attacks against children.  And it all came to light that Sweden attempted to cover it all up because it was “awkward to write about.”

Many people have forgotten the rape and murder of a pro-Islamic immigration model named Erin Krantz.  The West should become familiar with her story and learn from it.  Instead, they blindly follow the politicians who would allow and Islamic invasion of their countries to assault their women and children and turn over their governments to Sharia Law.

In December, a 60 Minutes film crew were assaulted while attempting to film a spot about “peaceful Muslim refugees.”

Many have tried to sanitize the riots in Sweden that have been going on for years, but the truth always comes out.  These stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

One thing is for sure, when Sweden combines tyrannical gun laws and an Islamic invasion, they are only making their people sheep to be fed to the wolves.  The government of Sweden should be considered criminal at this point.

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