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Trump Selects Judge Neil Gorsuch to Replace Antonin Scalia on Supreme Court

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Published on: January 31, 2017

On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump presented his Supreme Court nominee to the nation. His choice was Neil Gorsuch of Colorado.

Trump declared that he was “a man of his word” and was “keeping another promise” to the American people by selecting a nominee from the list he put forth to the American people.

According to Politico:

Gorsuch has the typical pedigree of a high court justice. He graduated from Columbia, Harvard and Oxford, clerked for two Supreme Court justices and did a stint at the Department of Justice.

He attended Harvard Law with former President Barack Obama. On Tuesday, Obama’s former ethics czar, Norm Eisen, another classmate, tweeted: “Hearing rumors Trump’s likely Supreme Court pick is Neil Gorsuch, my (and President Obama’s!) 1991 Harvard Law classmate. If so, a great guy!”

The real appeal of Gorsuch nomination is he’s likely to be the most effective conservative nominee in terms of winning over Anthony Kennedy and forging conservative decisions on the court,” said Jeffrey Rosen of the National Constitution Center. “He’s unusual for his memorable writing style, the depth of his reading and his willingness to rethink constitutional principles from the ground up. Like Justice Scalia, he sometimes reaches results that favor liberals when he thinks the history or text of the Constitution or the law require it, especially in areas like criminal law or the rights of religious minorities, but unlike Scalia he’s less willing to defer to regulations and might be more willing to second-guess Trump’s regulatory decision.”

Judge Gorsuch has been on the bench of the Denver-based 10th Circuit Court of Appeals since 2006. He has also been a Justice Department deputy assistant attorney general and clerk for Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Judge Gorsuch spoke to the American people.

Trump also recognized Maureen McCarthy, widow of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died one year ago. Gorsuch referred to Scalia as a “lion” and said he “missed him.”

Scalia’s death was both mysterious and untimely with many questions surrounding his death in the same vein of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Some even theorized that Scalia may have been killed with the CIA’s infamous heart attack gun.

Judge Gorsuch will now be in front of the US Senate for confirmation, and Democrats who were angry that Republicans dismissed
Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah‘s Supreme Court Justice nominee, Merrick Garland, have threatened to hold up the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch with a filibuster. It would be only the second time in US history the Senate would stage a filibuster against nominee.

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