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Trump Vs. The Swamp: I’ll Bet on the Former

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Published on: August 10, 2017

It is admittedly somewhat difficult not to characterize the administration of President Donald Trump as having a sort of circus quality or nature.

Objectively, the histrionics of the establishment press, entrenched socialists in our government and even Beltway Republicans would tend to impart this sort of temperament to the current administration.

Looking at his ascendancy and the first six months of Trump’s tenure as President from a more sympathetic perspective, the grave imperatives suggested by his detractors and ongoing effluvia of blatantly fake news reports also lend a similarly surreal tone to Trump’s presidency and, to some extent, threaten popular perceptions concerning his credibility.

Sometimes, determining just how much of this is by design can be difficult.

Since November 2016, we have seen the alleged hacking of the election by the Russian government story nearly beaten to death in the press, after which it resurrected as the collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to steal the election story.

Other tidbits have included reports of internecine conflicts within the White House, and the most recent report of Vice President Mike Pence allegedly preparing for a presidential election run in 2020, which Mr. Pence vehemently denied.

Sourcing for these “news stories” is invariably laughingly questionable, but since major news outlets don’t typically drop the dime on their own journalistic misfeasance, the abysmal veracity of these stories is likely to remain unknown to most news consumers.

Now, it is indeed possible that a certain measure of this can be attributed to Trump himself. Despite his wonderfully frank remarks and continued exploitation of social media, he has, contrary to ongoing criticism, conducted himself as “presidentially” as most could hope for.

Still, his history of outrageous personal promotion and the promotion of his business ventures, whether real estate or media, did set the stage for a certain bias on the part of analysts and casual observers alike.

I can attest to this from a perspective of having been one who in the past engaged in some of the more whimsical jabs at Trump, calling him a carny barker reminiscent of P.T. Barnum in his penchant for shameless self-promotion.

So, I’ll cop to whatever my part might be in having given rise to this phenomenon.

All things considered, I don’t believe that Trump supporters need yet worry about an implosion of this administration, or Trump withdrawing prior to the 2020 election.

Very little is “said and done” with any presidency until years or even decades after the president in question leaves office.

Quite often, the public will hear from a former Cabinet member touting his new book on talk shows of some sheer genius maneuver executed by a president that prevented a war or saved thousands of American jobs, and of which the American public never heard.

A few of us have been privileged to hear of similar sheer genius maneuvers executed by presidents from people in the know who will never write books, and whose roles in our history will remain unknown in perpetuity.

Appearances to the contrary, President Trump has accomplished a fair amount thus far, and he is only several months in.

He continues to cleverly play a resistant Congress on key issues like health care, and he is quietly exercising his executive power much in the same way Barack Obama did, though in a far more benign manner.

Suffice it to say that President Trump still has ample time to forge his legacy as he deftly outmaneuvers socialists in both parties and Deep State operatives on our behalf.

Remember that Donald Trump played a ferociously hostile press like a master instrumentalist during the 2016 campaign, by all accounts to his great advantage.

One could argue that given his talent and the time he has, he is as likely to bring down the Washington establishment and the press – or at least mortally wound them – as they are likely to bring him down.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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