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Trump’s Warning about Gitmo Ignored by Obama

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Published on: January 7, 2017

Americans are not used to having a president that continues to work up to their last day. This is mostly because by the time that Christmas rolls around, there is little that the Congress can get done. They are on break, and the president puts things on hold.

Out of respect for the incoming President-Elect, the administration begins the task of updating and transitioning things. This was what Obama had promised would happen, but this is far from the reality we now live in.

The Washington Times reports

Continuing a push in defiance of President-elect Donald Trump, President Obama has transferred four more terrorism detainees out of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, lowering the prison population to 55.

The four detainees, natives of Yemen, have been transferred to Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon said. They were captured during the Afghanistan war and had been imprisoned without trial for about 15 years.

Human Rights First praised the move and encouraged Mr. Obama to accelerate the pace of transfers before Mr. Trump is inaugurated on Jan. 20. Another 14 detainees have been approved for transfer.

Obama has ignored Congress, and now the President Elect on this issue. He continues to let terrorists go to fight against us. And, what is worse is that they are being released against the will of the American people.

I come to this conclusion in this way. The people have elected the Congress to represent their will. The people in a referendum against the leftist policies of Obama elected conservatives to Congress. Then, in an election that shows that Americans do not want four more years of Obama’s policies, Clinton was soundly defeated.

As Obama continues to do what he pleases, he proves that he never cared what America wanted. He, as an elitist, thinks that he knows what is best, and we are just too stupid to know better.

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