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The Truth Behind Conservative Websites

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Published on: February 11, 2015

You are going to read something not too many people write about: How the people that write the articles you read get their goods to market despite the obstacles they face.

For those that don’t write, it might be hard to imagine what the writing process is like. For instance, I care for my elderly, and now disabled, parents in my home with no assistance from anyone. It is exhausting. Finding time is hard, and the writing process can be mentally and physically draining in itself. I write for them – a generation that kept our American values safe; and I write for those who scream alone because they cannot find their own words.

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The articles that you read on websites like Sons of Liberty Media are not blog entries. That is, they are not someone sitting down for fifteen minutes to voice their own opinion and hope you care. True, many of us write toward expressing our own opinions, but when we write articles we use embedded links and facts to support whatever theory or idea we are putting forth. If we don’t get those straight, our reputation and the website’s reputation is on the line.

Ideas for an article may come from stumbling onto some little known fact, exposing some injustice, or voicing outrage or joy. The writing process begins with exhaustive research, embedding links, checking quotations, grammar and formatting, writing and rewriting. Sadly these days, the writer may even agonize over whether his content will jeopardize his own, or someone else’s, safety.

When he’s finally done it feels like he’s given birth to a child. Then he has to let go and send that child into the world. He’s on his own after that and whether the child succeeds or is accepted is up to you – the reader.

Before any of that, the biggest snag comes when deciding how to introduce that child to the world. That can be tricky. Each owner or editor of a Conservative website has their own guidelines in addition to their own likes, dislikes, and personally held beliefs. Additionally, writers have to adhere to rules such as: “We will not even consider an article longer than 750 words.” Some websites will consider articles up to 1200 words, some less than 750.

At this point the writer has to utilize a word-count tool and usually starts hacking away at their article; which feels more akin to cutting off their own limbs. While this certainly forces a writer to write more concisely and make the best use of the reader’s time, it often requires cutting pertinent information from a well-presented case. The reason for such word limits is largely based on the belief that you – the reader – don’t have a very good attention span. Studies have shown that if we don’t keep your attention, you’ll click on another story or website in a matter of seconds. The Guardian recently reported:

“In a world of instant gratification and where an alternative website is just a mouse click away, website owners need to find ways to firstly grab the attention of a user, and then keep it for long enough to get your message across. If you don’t, their cursor will be heading to the back button and on to a competitor in the blink of an eye.”

Therefore the days of a writer doing an “in-depth” look at an issue are largely over. No longer does the reader sit engrossed behind a newspaper over breakfast or relaxing in a recliner after work. In this reshaped world of instant gratification, both the writer and the reader suffer. There is less time for full comprehension or pondering. (You’ve all read comments under an article where you realize the commenter didn’t “get it” or even read the entire article.)

Our fast-paced, inundated world is no longer conducive to the development of great writers. Writers have been forced to become attention whores in order to satisfy the readers need for instant gratification.

We need to re-examine one point I’ve already mentioned: an editor’s preferences. Contrary to what you might believe, I know from personal experience that many well-known conservative websites refuse to print articles that are unapologetically condemning of the sodomite lifestyle. While they may publish articles that expose what they call the “LGBT agenda,” they quickly back away from articles that are precisely critical of the lifestyle or are so bold as to use that antiquated and offensive religious term — sin.

Two more sticking points are the New World Order and Agenda 21. While both of these are frequently mentioned and openly discussed in the foreign media; in the U.S. they reek too much of “conspiracy theories.” Website owners/editors are afraid that articles that even mention these subjects will cause them to lose part of their audience. All this despite the fact that one doesn’t have to be anything close to a “conspiracy theorist” to understand (or more importantly acknowledge,) the real life threat these agenda’s pose to our everyday lives.

I have had articles rejected by conservative websites for everything from speaking against labor unions to accusing the Obama administration of using Nazi tactics; and most shockingly…for openly espousing the views of, and open support for, Jesus Christ. (The real one, not Bill O’Reilly’s figure filled with bloviating allegory.)

I certainly understand that there are some political conservatives who are not Christian, and I respect their beliefs…if they respect mine. I also understand that people don’t want to be preached to. We’ve all read those web posts where someone quotes two pages of Scripture that leaves us yawning. But there is something that smells of censorship when an editor starts rejecting material that will offend a minority of his readers.

That is why many of us have been drawn to write about cultural ills, global agendas, religion and politics on websites that allow the writer more freedom of expression; websites that allow an in-depth look at issues that might take seven minutes of your reading time instead of two. So if perchance you are on one of those websites and see an article you might disagree with, don’t dismiss the site altogether; just check out a different article. What you are seeing is free speech and it’s getting harder to come by.

The fact is most of us are tired of preaching to the choir. I’ve been writing anti-Obama articles since 2009 and frankly, although he gives us new fodder every day; there is little left to say. We are chasing our tails because we are reaping no change in the status quo. The man is mad, tyrannical, and singularly responsible for causing global instability…yet no one has done anything about it. Senate and Congressional members who oppose him walk out to their podiums, grumble, and then disappear again.

And like the nation’s unemployment numbers don’t reflect the numbers of people who have permanently left the workforce, readers aren’t aware of the numbers of writers who have become so overwhelmed by America’s ills that they’ve simply stopped writing. You can only warn the people of fire and watch them burn so many times. Eventually these disillusioned writers end up all alone at the Putt-Putt golf course singing the National Anthem while confused crowds look on.

On the upside, the internet has provided a place for those still clinging to their Christian God, their guns, and the Constitution…to fight for their place in this culturally evil and economically crumbling society. We find patriots fighting together as allies — Conservatives and Libertarians, Jews and Christians, Protestants and Catholics have often united for the greater good of saving the Republic. Together we’ve even made some liberals question their own views.

We (the writers) and you (the readers and commenters) are the rope of safety that is dangling over the cliff, just barely suspending a country that is close to falling into the abyss. Our current government knows this, which is why they want to control the internet.

Even without those controls in place, you should know that writers cannot get their words out to the masses without first running a gauntlet of “what is acceptable to whom” and “who might be offended.” That can contain some surprising categories. Some articles never see the light of day.

Additionally, a website must be run by men and women with the guts and means to confront backlash from controversial subjects. That backlash might come in the form of legal battles or death threats.

In truth there are only a handful of websites that are big enough to get the word out and strong enough to take the heat. Freedom Outpost is one of those sites, and hopefully you have the others bookmarked in your browser. Just remember not to take them for granted. You don’t always know what goes on behind the scenes before you, the consumer, click that mouse and begin reading.

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