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The Truth of White Privilege

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Published on: August 19, 2017

I remember being introduced to the concept of white privilege while attending Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

I was in a social work program where the professors were all left-wing zealots working feverishly to influence the political opinions of gullible students.

One day during class, one of the professors made the subtle suggestion that people had racist family members if they didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008.

This was in 2010, during the Obamacare debates.

From this point on the entire curriculum was dominated by the concept of a racist America whose white majority had special protections and privileges from institutions designed to benefit only them, while minorities were left to suffer.

White men were referred to as oppressors, minorities were victims and every possible thing that could be wrong in their lives was attributed to white privilege.

I understood at this point that this was part of a larger agenda to silence pro-American opinions and push forward a socialist agenda by dividing and conquering.

During the intro to social work semester students were required to write a position paper on white privilege.

We were to read Peggy McIntosh’s’ White Male, White Privilege and offer our thoughts on the subject.

My paper reflected my opposition to this nonsense by citing how programs like affirmative action can actually be harmful to minorities by selecting them purely on a required numbering system as opposed to a merit based system.

This has led to highly qualified minority students being denied access to higher learning institutions simply because the school was in a hurry to meet the required quota.

If this isn’t an institution based on racism, I don’t know what is.

As a result of my paper, I was told I wasn’t fit to be in the social work profession because I didn’t believe in social justice and white privilege.

Today it is overwhelmingly obvious that there is an agenda to use race as a dividing tactic to bring America down and force a new system of government upon us.

The left is determined to erase what they see as America’s racist history by tearing down monuments that they insist represent white supremacism.

They won’t stop there if they are successful in this endeavor they will keep pushing until our Constitution is nothing but a burning heap of ashes.

The issue of race has long been used as a tool to divide nations and push unpopular agendas.

The term racism itself was, in fact, invented by Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky to discredit all who stood in the way of the communist agenda.

It is being used in much the same way now.

Anyone who stands in opposition to the left’s attempts to discredit America and implement socialism is labeled as a racist who benefits from white privilege.

The concept is so far out of hand that blond hair is now considered privileged.

Racism in America used to be considered hatred for someone simply because they are a different color or nationality.

Today, the concept has taken on new meanings as it is considered racist to believe that minorities can be successful on their own without government programs.

Minorities are taught they are victims and encouraged to hang on to this victimhood status.

Black people who step away from this enslaving mentality are discredited as “Uncle Toms.”

In one of my social work classes, we discussed a lesson involving a depressed black woman. She was financially successful yet, depressed nonetheless. The lesson ultimately suggested that she could alleviate her depression by casting aside her desires to adapt to the white man’s world and embrace her historical roots of oppression.

I vehemently opposed this idea and was shocked when people in class took offense to my doing so.

I was arguing that a black woman didn’t need to be a victim and people in class were offended by that. That is the result of decades of leftist indoctrination.

The left works incessantly to convince gullible Americans that right wing conservatives are racist and full of hate.

Most of us know that the history of racism in America can be traced solely to the Democrat party.

The KKK was founded by the Democratic party. Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the federal government.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, an organization that kills over three hundred black babies a day, was a Democrat who advocated for the elimination of so called weaker races, and finally, President Lyndon Johnson instituted the great society program which ultimately did nothing less than enslave blacks and their future generations to government welfare.

In reference to this program, Johnson said he would get those ni**ers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.

Over fifty years later we have generations of black people living in run down ghettos whose districts are controlled by Democrats.

They are dependent on government welfare and taught that there is no way that they can overcome their oppression because of white privilege.

Was this part of a larger agenda to perpetuate a permanent underclass that could later be used as a revolutionary army?

To believe in white privilege is to believe that one race is ultimately superior to another.

In other words, you would have to be a white supremacist in the first place to believe in white privilege.

Do you believe minorities need special government treatment to get a hand up or do you believe they are just as capable as you are?

Through the pushing of white privilege, the left is trying to convince society that minorities need special treatment, that more money needs to spent on programs to help them succeed.

If the Democrats believed in total equality why would these programs be needed?

The left has systematically destroyed the free will of black people by constantly teaching them they are victims.

That is the truth.

Now, their victimhood status is being used to launch and justify revolutionary violence based on the false notions of oppression.

This is the truth of white privilege.

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